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August 30, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I'm a little bummed out today. It started yesterday after talking to an old friend on the phone.

As happens sometimes, you can drift and get out of touch. That's bad.

I've known this wonderful man for over 40 years. He's five years older than I am and is one of the most considerate and understanding men I've ever met.

He retired about five years ago and shortly after doing so he encountered some health issues that have kept him from doing his favorite pastime.

After hanging up the phone, I thought about how I'm currently in great health and don't have any of the challenges he has.

The alternative ending to the movie Titanic flashed in my head.

Do you remember what Old Rose said to Mr. Lovett as he was admiring the Heart of the Ocean diamond pendant in his hand?

CLICK HERE and watch the video clip.

At the end of the short video, stop and think about what you're going to do tomorrow or next week.

Compact Ladder Review

I had the good fortune to test out a very nice lightweight step ladder yesterday.

It's fascinating to me to see products evolve. I clearly remember how wood step ladders used to be.

When they attempted to make them lightweight, they became unstable.

You'll be amazed at how light this ladder is. You'll also be amazed at its stability.

CLICK HERE to see more photos of the ladder.

Lumber Shrinkage

Over the past two weeks, I saw some photos of a fence gate a person built. He was proud of the gate and the wood slats touched one another to make a solid sheet of wood.

But then ten days later, he posted a very cool photo showing the shadow of the fence gate with sunlight slivers in the shadow.

The lumber was shrinking and creating unwanted gaps!

Did you know that lumber shrinks in strange ways?

CLICK HERE NOW to read a short column and to peer at a larger version of my crude illustrations.

Crawl Space DIY Vapor Barrier

Do you have a crawl space? Bare dirt?

You better CLICK HERE NOW. You MUST STOP the water vapor from rising out of the soil and entering your home.

If you're building a new home, or pouring ANY INTERIOR concrete slab, CLICK HERE and read the column!!! You need the special vapor barrier!!! NOT standard crap 6-mill poly.

Roofing RIPOFF Update

Back in April I published my long-awaited book Roofing Ripoff.

If you're re-roofing your home or building a new home or light commercial building with an asphalt shingle roof, you should really read the short book.

While completing the research for the book, it turns out I was the first person in the world to discover that copper ions slow down to a crawl the oxidation of asphalt.

The oxidation of the asphalt up on your roof is what causes the shingles to lose the colored ceramic granules and to curl up like a dried tobacco leaf.

If you install copper strips up on your ridge and your hips you can get asphalt shingles to last 30, 40 and possibly LONGER.

If you have a NEWER asphalt roof, say less than five years old, you MUST INSTALL THE COPPER immediately to prevent your roof from going bad in just a FEW YEARS.

I worked hard to get a deal on copper better than any you can find anywhere. If you just want to BUY the copper and not the book, CLICK HERE.

That's enough for today. I'm off to fill a bunch of the small sample sizes of Stain Solver.

What's Stain Solver???? CLICK HERE.

That's enough for today.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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