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Werner Compact Ladder 5.5 Feet Review

step ladder

Here's the ladder. She looks great and it's easy to climb up to the black platforms. It's model # ACS386 Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Werner Compact Ladder

Over the past year or so the new trend in step ladders is to make them slim and light.

This is my second review of a ladder like this. About a year ago I looked at the Gorilla slim ladders.

I've owned Werner ladders for years and never had any issues.

The first thing I noticed when I lifted the ladder is it's indeed lightweight.

Less weight is good!

You can stand on both black platforms and since they're nice and wide, they're very comfortable.

step ladder

Many want to know the specs. Here you go! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

step ladder

This is the top step of the ladder. This platform is about 4 feet off the ground. NEVER EVER think of standing or sitting on the top blue tool platform. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

step ladder

Here's the top of the ladder. The hole in the upper right is for your drill or impact driver. The larger recessed center areas are for quart and gallon paint cans. The thin slot in the upper left corner is for a putty knife. The two smaller holes are for screwdrivers or any other pointed hand tool. The oblong hole in the lower left is a mystery to me. I can't think of any tool I own that has that shape for a handle. Note the DANGER illustrations in the lower right: NO SITTING or STANDING on the blue top. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

step ladder

This shot shows the spread of the ladder legs. It's got a normal footprint offering lots of stability. At the time of this review, Lowe's twisted the arm of Werner and you can only buy it there. That's why the top and feet of the ladders are Lowe's blue. DUH! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you go to the Lowe's website be sure to type Werner ACS386 into their search engine. At the time of this review it doesn't show up in a general search of step ladders. Go figure. You can't find this ladder on Amazon.com. The ones you do find on Amazon are priced higher than you can find this Werner ladder at the time of this review. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


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  1. Hello Tim
    The Werner video shows the slotted hole with a paint brush.
    Keep up the great work...experience rules.

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