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August 4, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Are you a new subscriber? Welcome, this is a pretty interesting newsletter for your first one if I don't say so myself!

Have you done the rodeo with me a few times being a seasoned subscriber? I think you'll agree this is a dandy newsletter edition.

This and That - Save $$$$$

I often share things that I've had a great experience with or that save me money.

I want to put out a great word for AAA. Yes, the American Automobile Association. I'm not getting anything from them for this mention.

I used to be an AAA member back 45 years ago. You'd get those crazy paper TripTiks to show you how to get to your vacation destination. You'd get the paperback books with all the lodging suggestions. There were other benefits too. I stopped being a member decades ago.

Anyway, fast forward to a year or two ago. If your auto insurance is like mine, your agent, or the company, tells you that you get "roadside assistance, free tows, blah blah blah" as part of your car insurance policy. It's all FREE FOR LIFE.

That's a crock of you-know-what. I had to have my truck towed twice two years ago because of a broken brake line. I had to call my agent about a piece of broken glass on my other car. I was paying for full glass coverage with no deductible and she said, "Oh, wait. You have two claims already this year. I wouldn't put in a claim for this glass if I were you."

You know about the well-hidden 'three strikes and you're OUT' rule in insurance, don't you??? CALL YOUR AGENT and ask about it.

"What? What CLAIMS???" I retorted.

"Well, I see here where WE had to PAY to have your truck towed twice."

"But that's FREE!"

"No it's not. Those are CLAIMS."

I was fuming. Yes, I know nothing in life is free, yadda yadda yadda.

I'm also against unethical business practices and the telling of half truths.

You know a half-truth is a whole lie, don't you?

That's why when you're sworn in on a witness stand you say, "I swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth." I've had to swear that countless times in my career as an expert witness.

Days later, I received in the mail a promotion - I wonder if AAA has my phone tapped????? - for AAA, I opened it, saw what the price was and immediately signed up.

Guess what? I had to have Kathy's car towed because we thought an idler pulley issue might have been a timing chain going bad, I had to have my truck towed again because of a minor issue and two weeks ago, I had to buy rear brake rotors, pads and one caliper for my truck for a grand total of $450.00.

The salesmen at my local NAPA store said, "Are you a AAA member?"

Heck yes I am!

BOOM, I saved $45 on that order!

The bottom line is I've already PAID for my membership in savings this year and MORE.

I'm sure there are other discounts I'm missing out on at other businesses.

CHECK OUT AAA for yourself. You don't even have to own a car to belong.

Flushable Wipes VIDEO!

Well, it took days to setup, record and edit. It's also got a very interesting ending for you!

But the video is done. I had some fun producing the video. I'm pretty certain you'll laugh at parts of this video. Do you have grandkids? You may not want them to see this as it will give them a few ideas!

Kathy helped me as I needed a second hand 70 feet away to hit the record button each time I flushed the toilet while I was up on the pipe scaffolding.

Suffice it to say the flushable wipes manufacturers are going to be none too happy!

Would you consider doing me a huge favor?

If you use social media at all, would you consider SHARING this video????

This video has the potential to go VIRAL because it can save millions of people BILLIONS of dollars in sewer-cleaning or septic-tank service calls.

All I ask you to do is post the following URL to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever network you use. SHARE the following URL far and wide please.

Flushable Wipes Clog Sewer

Just say something about how you know me and let's see if we can't SAVE people LOTS of SWEET MOOLA as well as frustration from having their sewers clog up!!!

You'll see the video near the top of my column. See that clear plastic bin with my hand in it???? That's the video.

Flushable Wipes Clog Sewer

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the video now.

How To Stay Cool

Look at the following thermal image of the roof above my front door. It faces due south. Can you see the white cross-hairs and the temperature reading???

roof temperature

It’s no wonder your attic is blistering hot. My roof temperature exceeds 162 F and that heat radiates into my attic and then into my home. (C) Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Yes, your eyes are correct.

162.9 F

That's hot enough to cause second-degree burns on your skin in about two seconds. That's the voice of experience talkin'.

That's hot enough to get your roof framing (timbers, trusses, sheathing, etc.) hot enough to radiate heat like embers in a campfire.

That's hot enough to make sure your inside attic temperature is 140 F or so.

What's the best way to offset this wretched summer heat?

CLICK or TAP HERE for a list of things you can do to help lower your electric bills and to be more comfortable during HOT weather.

Heat Pump Research

Do you heat and cool your home with a heat pump? I need your help.

By any chance do you have a geothermal system that tricks the heat pump inside A coil into thinking it's 50-55 F outside?

If you use a heat pump I ask that you help me get some data for one of my national columns I'm about to write.

CLICK or TAP HERE please and fill out the very short survey. You'll need to know the AVERAGE amount you spend each month for electricity. I'm just talking about your entire bill, not the portion for your heat pump.

You will NOT have to enter your name or address. I don't need to know that, but it would be nice to know your postal code so I have an idea if you live on the frozen tundra!

THANKS in advance and I'll be SURE to share this column with you very soon.

Dvorak Typing

Last issue I left a tantalizing breadcrumb at the end of my newsletter about how I type. I use the Dvorak typing method.

Just about every computer known to woman or man has the Dvorak keyboard BUILT INTO it. Yes, you still look at and use the QWERTY keyboard on your machine, but when you press the different letters on the QWERTY keyboard, DIFFERENT letters appear on your screen.

I switched over about fifteen years ago to minimize fatigue from typing all day and to get MORE done FASTER. Dvorak typists can type so much faster than those who type the QWERTY way.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover more about this unique way to type and to render your stolen laptop useless. Why? When the person starts to type on it, jibberish comes out! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Discover how to turn this feature on and off if you work on your office computer so that your wretched spying office-mates can't hack into your computer while you're at lunch!

That's enough for a Sunday morning.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Is it faster to drive to New York or by train?


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