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August 9, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

If you're a new subscriber in the past two weeks, this is not a normal newsletter. Don't judge my newsletter on what you're about to see.

I'm in the middle of an extended vacation that had a business meeting last week in Portland, OR, and in six days I have another one in San Francisco.

I've been wandering down through Oregon and Northern California since last Friday afternoon.

Here are a few photos. The first one is at Crater Lake in southern Oregon. I had always wanted to see the deep blue water in the crater, but the smoke from giant forest fires in Canada and right in Crater Lake National Park thwarted that dream! This was the best photo I was able to capture but it's still quite smokey.

The next photo was taken yesterday at Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Northern California. That's an old-growth redwood tree just behind me. It had to be over 200 feet tall.

The next one, I took yesterday at Point Cabrillo Light Station along the Pacific Ocean. If you want to see what I was doing sitting at the picnic table with that crazy lime string, CLICK HERE. The story is about me doing radio at the photo below, but I was doing the same thing among the majestic redwood giants.

Roof Ventilation Myths

Ninety minutes ago, I had a fascinating conversation with a man in Canada about what he *thinks* you feel about roof ventilation.

I decided I'd go to the source - that's you - and find out.

Would you humor me and please take a two-question survey?

It will take you LESS than 30 seconds.

CLICK HERE to get to the survey.

KEEN Shoes and Boots Factory Tour

Last week, I was in the record HEAT up in Portland, OR. Let me tell you it was HOT. I think it got to 105 F last Wednesday.

I was invited there to visit the fascinating KEEN shoe and boot factory as well as their headquarters and infamous KEEN Garage.

CLICK HERE to read my story about the adventure. There are TWO videos in the story and one of them is me working on the assembly line!!! How cool was THAT???? Three people are going to be wearing boots that I helped make!!!

CLICK HERE to see what I think of KEEN boots. Read my review of one of their boots.

Latest Columns

I had to write four columns before leaving on this trip. Here they are:

Polymeric Sand Installation - WHAT is that Tim?

Building on Rocky Land

SELLING Used Building Materials - Not Donating

Brick Mortar Repair Mix - Guess the MAGIC Ingredient!!

Okay, that's enough. I need to scoot out the door to do more amateur radio today.

I'll report in when I get back to New Hampshire.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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