How to Install a Toilet Seat

You offered to host a party or family gathering at your house didn't you? All of a sudden that Honey-Do list has become the Aaaaaccckkkkk-Get-It-Done-NOW list. You've been putting off installing that gorgeous toilet seat for months now. It's been hiding in the linen closet for months. There's nothing to fear. Let's grab a few […]

Large Model Rail Cars

I need your help. Are you a model railroader? What brand / model are these cars? I have others like them. These are BIG cars. Think garden railroad. Look at the tape measure in some of the photos to see how long they are. They fit PERFECTLY on the large Buddy L track that's got […]

Firewall House Design

Rafael, who lives in Fort Myers  FL, is wondering about firewalls. Here's what he sent me. "A house built in 1970 has no fire wall. In what year were firewalls installed in the new homes?" Well, Rafael, I find it hard to believe that a 1970's house has no firewall. I say that because typical construction of both exterior and interior […]