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Best Door Colors Best Exterior Door

Amy, who lives in the quaint city of Martinsburg, WV, is creating lots of angst at her local Home Depot and Lowe's stores. Here's why:

"I have not been able to get a clear answer from Lowe's or Home Depot about when a door may need to be re-stained or repainted (and how). I've been trying to figure out whether to pay the expense of trying to get a decent wood-grain door or just get smooth fiberglass and paint it brown, maybe with a roller that would leave a little texture to it. If I decide to do paint, I’ve heard I can do it myself or have it factory painted. I’ve also heard that while supposedly the factory paint is baked on, it’s also sometimes super-thin.

We are replacing a wood door with single pane half lite glass and a solid wood door with single-pane side lite which will become half lite door with matching side lite.

Here's Amy's house. The siding is dark and the sun is low in the sky, so turn on your imagination machine to think about all that's possible! Photo credit: Amy Wring-Her-Hands :-)

Here's Amy's house. The siding is dark and the sun is low in the sky, so turn on your imagination machine to think about all that's possible! Photo credit: Amy Wring-Her-Hands 🙂

I was looking at Jeld-Wen because they offer the auralast door frame with no-rot guarantee, but then I ran into the Pella in-store rep at Lowe's and he got me thinking about the aluminum-clad doors. I know that the mahogany grain looks a lot more realistic to me than the oak-grain.

I also can't decide what color exterior trim (jamb) to use. We currently have an almond storm door because the windows are sort-of grey-brown, but when we eventually have to replace the vertical wood siding (darn woodpeckers have pecked through to the insulation in a couple places!), we'll probably go with a lighter shade of brown to hopefully keep the house a bit cooler, since a lot of the trees have to come down (they're ash). I do like the look of the vertical siding - sick of always seeing vinyl horizontal siding everywhere. I'm thinking the windows when we eventually do them, would be better off white with the lighter siding, so should probably repaint storm door white and use white trim, or would brown trim look better?

Trying to save on costs and also think to the future. We hope this will be our forever house. We are in our mid-40’s, so assume we need to try to get doors (and eventually windows) with lifetime warranty.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated. I’m trying to decide in order to take advantage of the 15% off special order doors (because I don't like grilles) and 24 month 0% financing at Home Depot (or 18 months at Lowe's). I've been driving the reps at both stores crazy, not being able to decide what type of door I want."

Here's my answer and it's slightly subjective.

Amy, have you seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

It's an amazing love story and I can relate to the awkwardness of the main character around young girls in high school.

Very close to the end, Napoleon gives his best friend Pedro some of the best advice a homeowner like you could ever get.

He says, just before Pedro has to give a campaign speech, "Just follow your heart. That's what I do."

Four years ago, my oldest daughter Meghan spent eighteen months authoring what is quite possibly the most authoritative book about how to pick the EXACT COLORS, TEXTURES, OBJECTS for *your* home.

It's called The Meghan Method.

That's key - you picking what *you* want - NOT some decorator, or HGTV show host, or some untrained employee at Home Depot or Lowe's telling you what they feel you'll LIKE.

Get it?

I guarantee you that if you invest in this book, it will change your life and it will make you wake up each day loving your home more than you do now.

When you drive up to your house each time, you'll get a smile on your face because the outside of *your* home will be exactly how YOU want it.

Meghan explains step-by-step in her book how to decide what you love. She holds your hand through the entire process.

Buy The Meghan Method now.

It will be the BEST MONEY you ever spend on any project around your home.

If you don't feel so after you get it and read it, I'll refund the money myself.

You just email me and I'll send you cash or a check.

Here's a TRUE STORY about what I used to tell everyone of my customers when they'd ask me for advice like you're asking. Believe me, it happened countless times.

After they'd ask me what color *they* should use, what door style *they* should pick, what type of trim *they* should select I'd say,

"I can't see it from my house."

They'd always look at me with a tilted head not understanding what I was saying. And this was before Meghan was even a glint in my eye.


Meghan Method Book Cover


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