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Borate Chemicals for Wood Preservation

Borate Chemicals for Wood Preservation

I was only able to identify two companies that have the ability to sell wood preserving borate chemicals to you. The reason for this is based in EPA registration guidelines. These two companies chose to have their borate products registered as wood preservatives whereas the other companies registered theirs as pesticides.

The EPA says that if you want to buy powerful and effective pesticides you have to be a licensed pest control operator (PCO). But, in their infinite wisdom, you don't have to be licensed to buy the same product when it is a wood preservative. Go figure!

Just Mix With Water

The borate salt - disodium octaborate tetrahydrate - is simply mixed with water. The products from each company are quite similar and they are easy to work with.

The Companies

If you want literature and pricing information on the borate wood preservatives, call this company:

  • Sashco
    10300 E. 107th Place
    Brighton, Colorado 80601
    Ask for PeneTreat

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