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Bosch Miter Saw Stand Folding Legs Review

Tim Carter reviews the Bosch GTA 3800 Miter Saw Stand with Folding Legs.

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7 Responses to Bosch Miter Saw Stand Folding Legs Review

  1. This review would be better if you showed (1)the miter saw mounted on the stand and in action, (2) how you actually fold up the legs, so that the viewer can see how much room does the stand take up when it is folded.

    • Search google for the model number and pick out a video that's already been done. He made you aware of this stand and its attributes. Folding up the legs is not something that needs to be demonstrated.

  2. I love my Dewalt for all the features mentioned about the Bosch. The things that the Bosch has, the rollers and wheels, add weight to the basic Dewalt lighter design. Saw the Dewalt stand many years ago and haven't regretted my purchase, even once.

  3. We have a flat roof, app. 1000 square foot, ...... tar and gravel. The tar and gravel are need of repair. What are the options?

    David Shantz

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