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Concrete Slab How To Part 1 Video

Concrete Slab How To Part 1 Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and we're getting ready to pour the concrete slab. The truck's here. Check this out!

What's really nice about these front-loader trucks is that the driver is in the cab and he can see exactly what the two workers are getting ready to do. By the driver moving the chute back and forth, he can make their work a whole lot easier.

Watch this. Here comes the concrete. Notice that the workers are using the hooks on the end of the come-alongs to pull the wire mesh up into the middle of the concrete.

Look how fluid that concrete is. It is flowing on its own. You can see how you can use the concrete rakes to just pull the concrete. If the concrete is the right consistency, it just flows. The concrete rakes are sometimes called come-alongs, but they look like a regular rake. They just move the material around to fill all the areas.

What's really important to note is that the concrete driver has stopped the flow of concrete while he lets the men work and place the concrete in the corner. Just a nice controlled work flow between the driver and the workers. Don't let the truck driver get in front of you. Tell him to stop the concrete flow if he is pouring too much, too fast.

This is just the first of four parts on How to Pour a Concrete Slab. Click here to watch Part 2.


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