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Concrete Slab How To Part 2 Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com and I want to show you a concrete finisher using a magnesium float to float the edge of some freshly placed concrete. Watch this.

That's how you would use a magnesium float when you are doing concrete work. Did you notice what he did? He puddled the concrete by pushing it up and down. Followed by some real nice gentle strokes to make sure the float stays along the chalk line that is on the foundation wall. That is a nice trick to keep the concrete level. The concrete at this point is very fluid, making it easy to use the float on it right now.

This is the second of four parts on How to Pour a Concrete Slab. Click here to watch Part 3.


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  1. I want build my own house & I was wondering if you had a step by step manual or procedure, as I ll be doing this with my brother and some friends. We don't have any experience in construction. Thank you. Josepf

    • Yes I do have a manual. Most of it is here at the website for free. There are about 4,000 pages and you should probably read 98% of them.

      Get cracking at it. Just use the search engine and start with the initial process of the job and read all relevant content.

      For example, start with these categories:


      You get the picture..... WARNING: It will probably take you months to read it all and watch my videos.

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