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Concrete Stain Manufacturers / Information

Concrete Stain Manufacturers and Information

There are several companies that make specialized stains for concrete that is already in place. This does not mean you are limited to these choices however! You can experiment on your own and stain or color concrete using different colored wood stains. However, the following manufacturers have spent the time and money to develop ultraviolet (UV) resistant pigments and other processes that permit the stains to penetrate deeply into the concrete and maintain their color for extended periods of time.

Outdoor slabs are the hardest to maintain. Sun and rain take their toll as with any colored object. UV rays from the sun are like miniature blaster beams. They simply break apart the pigment molecules and a color change is the result. Indoor sun room slabs are ideal candidates for staining as are basement slabs in playrooms.

Not all stains are the same. Some use acid components while others are simple water-based products. The Bomanite Company and the Increte Company make some incredible stains that can make concrete slabs resemble fine leather. The base color of the slab before you start controls the final color in most instances. I urge you to check out all of the companies listed below. Try to find local distributors who can tell/show you locations where you can actually see a stained slab. You will be amazed at how nice it can look! Following is a list of companies which manufacture concrete stains:

  • Artcrete
  • The Bomanite Company
  • Chargar Corporation
  • Davis Colors
  • Decorative Concrete Supply
  • Fabcrete LLC
  • Kemiko Concrete Products
  • Increte Company
  • L.M. Scofield Company
  • Rainguard Products
  • Okon, Inc.
  • Versatile Building Products

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The Portland Cement Association publishes a great book called Finishing Concrete with Color and Texture by Steven H. Kosmatka and Terry C. Collins, 2004. "Learn how to create decorative surfaces on cast-in-place concrete slabs. Over 210 photographs illustrate the rich variations in color and texture that are possible. Divided into seven sections, with step-by-step instructions..." Go to their Bookstore and enter item code number PA124.

Sunset Books has a book called Complete Masonry Book, which contains a chapter on different concrete decorating techniques such as acid staining, resurfacing, stamping and tinting.

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