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Contractor Hiring Guide

Do you want to avoid getting SCREWED when hiring a contractor?

Use the following SECRET tips below.

Hack #1 Write out exactly what you want done and what you expect to be done on a piece of paper. Give this to each of the contractors who comes to give you a bid. Don't assume the contractor will do what you think he should do.

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Hack#2 Make as many product selections as possible before the contractors come to give bids. Allowances created by contractors for products can be low. Unethical contractors put LOW allowances in their bids as a trick to keep their bid prices low.

Hack#3 Be sure the contractor can prove he's got years of experience, at least ten, and can prove he knows what he's doing. Make him give you a copy of his Certificate of Insurance.

Hack #4 Do NOT pay any money in advance unless your job requires SPECIAL ORDER materials. Contractors don't pay their help in advance, they don't pay for regular materials in advance, so why should you pay them in advance? Only pay for work done that's satisfactory. Do NOT pay the last 15% of the job until ALL WORK is complete and to your satisfaction. No excuses ever.

Hack #5 Be sure you put everything the contractor says he'll do in the written contract. NEVER trust the spoken word. A professional contractor will NOT be offended if you ask her/him to put something in writing.


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