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Crown Molding Installation On A Sloped Ceiling

Installing Crown Molding on Sloped Ceilings

Here is a dilemma that stumps many people. They want to install crown molding on a vaulted ceiling. You have at least multiple choices or methods.

The best way to do it is to make a small transition piece of crown molding that acts like the crown is being installed on a flat ceiling on one side of the piece, but on the other edge, it is making a transition as if the crown molding is climbing a stairway making the bend that happens as you transition from the sloped ceiling along the stairs to the flat ceiling below or at a flat landing.

Another way is to let the top of the molding seemingly float in mid air. To achieve this, the triangular filler block that fills the void behind the crown molding must be perfectly cut to fill the void. When it is in place and you nail the crown molding to it, it keeps the crown molding at the correct angle or slope all the way along the wall.

I show how to make this special triangular piece in my Crown Molding eBook. It is not as hard as you might think.

Yet another option - and it is much harder - is to make a flat area that simulates a traditional flat ceiling. This flat surface is created using regular lumber. The regular lumber can just extend out and above the crown molding or it can do that and actually return vertically to intersect the vaulted ceiling.

Either way, you better have some moderate to expert carpentry skills. These illustrations should help you visualize what you need to do to accomplish the task.


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Click here to watch a video on cutting crown molding the easy way.

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