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Deck Repair Parts List and Exterior Door Flashing

Deck Repair Parts List


Deck Repair Parts - Be Sure To Get The Best Ones

CLICK HERE to download my FREE deck repair parts list to help you rebuild your current deck.

You can use this same parts list if you're building a new deck.

It also contains a link to the best flashing for under a door leading out to a deck.

It contains links to FREE amazing bulletins that show you all the proper fasteners and metal connectors to use at ALL LOCATIONS on your deck.

Deck Ledger Board Flashing Detail Plans

I created a simple plan to show you how to connect a deck ledger to a house.

deck ledger plan sketch

CLICK HERE to purchase the plans and all the NOTES demonstrating what to do.


2 Responses to Deck Repair Parts List and Exterior Door Flashing

  1. Didn't you leave some details out of the sketch? The tension ties shown just prevent the deck from pulling away from the house. They do nothing to support the weight of the deck next to the house. I assume joist hangars should be used to attach the joists to the ledger board?

    • The illustration is to show the deck flashing - that's how it's titled.

      You, of course, need to have joist hangers, and timber screws or through bolts to attach the ledger to the structure.

      The illustration is not intended as a full-blown guide on how to build the deck. That's why the document has links to all those instructions at the Simpson Strong-Tie website.

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