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Driveway Repair Video

When it time to patch those pesky cracks in your blacktop or concrete driveway. First, how to handle the cracks in a concrete patio.

A preferred concrete sealer is the polyurethane concrete sealant. This product is very sticky and elastic. They will move with the movement of the driveway. In small cracks, just apply the sealer directly into the crack. If the crack is larger, you might have to buy the foam backer rod and place it first into the crack. You only want to put in about 3/8 to 1/2 inch depth of sealer. Once the backer rod is placed in the crack, squeeze the sealer into the area and smooth the sealer with a flat stick, such as a paint stirrer. Apply a little paint thinner to your finger and you can smooth the sealer to get a very nice finish.

Repairing blacktop driveways is basically the same. Get the proper patching material. There are two types of liquid blacktop sealants. One type has a lot more rubber in it. This is more flexible and stays longer in the cracks. These are more expensive, but are much better. Follow the directions on the label, cleaning the area to be patched and be sure it is dry. If the crack is too deep, you can use the backer rod or fill it part way with sand. Cut the nozzle on the sealer to the proper size and apply it. Try not to get too much on the surrounding area. If it very hot outdoor, cover it with a little sand to avoid tracking it into the house. Allow 24 hours before driving over the repairs.

Just follow the instructions on the sealer, prepare the driveway properly and your cracks will be sealed in no time.


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