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Drywall Cornerbead Taping Video

Cornerbead Taping

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to show you a really cool trick that not many people get to see when finishing drywall. If you look at this big opening that will just be drywall wrapped. The opening has the corner bead installed that will get hidden by the drywall joint compound. The corner bead will eventually get covered completely.

Here's the problem. You might be tempted to take some of the mud and apply it up and around the corner of the opening. But in the corner, there is a section where there is no metal beading. If you don't take care of that area, you will get a crack in the drywall mud.

Here's a simple little trick. Take some drywall mud and put it over the corner. Then take a small piece of the paper tape and place it over the gap in the beading. Push it in a little with your hand and wipe away the excess mud. This will keep that area from cracking.

Once the drywall is finished, you won't even know it is there. There is a good chance a drywall finisher did it at your home.

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