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Drywall Finishing Video

Going from a taped seam to a perfectly smooth wall is not that hard. You have to have the right tools A 10 inch broad knife with rounded edges is a must. Be sure the edged are rounded so they don't dig into the drywall. Apply a heavy second coat of drywall joint compound over the seams. The edges of the drywall mud should be thinner than the center. Leave a hump in the middle of the compound.

When the joint compound is dry, take a sanding pole and knock down that high spot in the middle. Then apply a third thin coat of joint compound. When dry, sand it down and you will have a smooth joint.

Follow these steps for a professional looking finish on your drywall projects.


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  1. While I agree with much of what you said I disagree when you are not dealing with tapered joints. I get much better results by cutting the drywall paper away, wetting the paper tape & then following your recommendations.

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