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Drywall Joint Compounds Video

Drywall Joint Compounds

Having trouble getting smooth drywall joints or corners? The secret is having the proper tools and joint compound.

The first tip is to get the right consistency for your drywall mud. You do not want to use it straight out of the bucket. It is too thick. Add some water and mix the compound until it is the consistency of creamy cake icing.

Next, have sure that your dry wall taping knife has been tooled. What does that mean? A new drywall knife can have very sharp corners. These can easily cut the tape as you apply it. Take a file and gently round off the corners of the taping knife.

Start by putting just a little mud on the knife and applying it in the drywall corner. Put the mud on both sides of the corner joint. Then fold the drywall tape in half and place it in the corner. Then gently run your knife down the tape at an angle to remove the excess mud. Do it once; that should be enough.

Doing it too many times will remove too much mud from under the tape and cause the tape to come off down the road.


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