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Drywall Plug Video

Hi, I’m Tim Carter and today I want to show you how to make a drywall plug. In this example, you can see a hole in a piece of drywall. This hole was created with a hammer. Now the question is how are you going to patch this hole?

You can purchase a drywall plug. That is a piece of drywall cut in a circle with a larger diameter paper facing. These require that you cut a round hole to fit the back of the plug. But some people find it easier to cut a square hole. And if you have a scrap piece of drywall, you can make your own plug.

In this example, I am cutting a square hole around the damaged area about 3-inches square. Before cutting the hole, I marked it with a pencil and made sure that I cut on the outside of the line. This will make the hole in the drywall slightly larger then 3" x 3".

You will need about 1-1/2" of paper around the hole on all sides. Again in this example, you will need a piece of drywall 6" x 6" to make the plug. Draw the 3" x 3" square hole outline in the center of the drywall piece. The areas around that marked area are sections where the drywall will be removed, leaving only the paper behind.

When getting ready to remove the drywall, score the back of the plug on the inside of the 3" x 3" marked area. This means that the plug size will be slightly smaller then the hole that was cut in the drywall itself. This will allow the plug to fit inside the damage wall to be repaired.

Once you have scored the lines, making sure you are marking and scoring on the back side of your plug, snap and bend along those score lines. Then gently peal the drywall core off the paper. We need to save the paper. After pealing, you will have a drywall plug with a 3" x 3" center and 6" x 6" paper size.

Now slide this plug into your damaged wall, and use tape compound to hold the paper down just like you would on any drywall tape. It’s just that simple to make and patch that hole in your drywall.


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