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Drywall Popping Problems Can’t Match Texture

Quick Column Summary:

  • Patched drywall does not match finish
  • Get the right brush and finishing compound
  • Practice the pattern on scrap drywall

John Ryland, from Maumee, Ohio, has a tough a problem as any tailor trying to patch clothes.

"I took down a small wall in our kitchen and either side of where the wall was the ceiling has what's known as a crow's foot pattern in the drywall and of course where the wall was the ceiling is silky smooth.

How do I fix this?

I tried the brush that Home Depot sells to slap drywall compound up there but either the brush is different to the one they originally used or I don't have the right technique."

Here's my answer to John:

John, It's all about the brush and the consistency of the drywall finishing compound.

You can use this link to get to some great drywall popping brushes on Amazon.

Look at the pattern you now have. Is it circular for the most part? 

If so, you need a circular brush.

Look at the diameter of your current pattern. The pattern is usually 3 inches larger in diameter than the diameter of the brush.

Get a scrap piece of drywall and start practicing. You roll on the joint compound like thick paint - thin it with some water - then pop that slop.

You can dip the brush into a bucket of the slop too.

Good luck in patching the area. Why? Imagine how hard it is for a tailor to patch a hole in a fabric, even if he has the identical material!

This column was so popular, I shared it in the July 22, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.


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