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Drywall Repair Door Knob Hole

A woman who wishes to remain anonymous for some reason who's name begins with D and ends in an a, lives in a house in Chicago, IL, where someone let a door fly into a wall. Let her tell you the rest:

"Hi.  We had a door handle type hole in our wall and we have used Hyde Wall and Ceiling Repair Wet and Set to fix it.

We used lightweight spackle over it.  What do you recommend to sand with it?

We have bought sand paper that is about 100 to 150 grit.   And also have 220 grit in the house as well.

Also, another question I had is it a good idea to prime the patched area and then paint?  Or just simply paint over it?"

D ........ a, the 220-grit sandpaper should work fine assuming the repair looks more like the topography of the state of Kansas than West Virginia.

If there are lots of high spots that require sanding, then you'll have to use a more aggressive sandpaper.

Yes, you need to use a primer sealer over the patch to get the best results. Watch this video of mine that tells you the special paint to use.


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