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Paint And Drywall Video

After sanding your new drywall, it is time to paint it. Be careful not to make big mistakes. Use the right products and right technique to cover the joints and drywall nails.

First, buy a paint that is both a primer and sealer. The primer means there is extra pigment in the paint. This helps disguise any small imperfects in the drywall. The sealer evens out the porosity of the entire surface. The drywall seams have a different porosity then the drywall paper. The sealer evens out the porosity. This creates an even surface for your finish paint.

Most people with painting apply the paint too thin. Apply the paint heavily because most of the paint is water that will evaporate. That leaves behind only the pigment and glue. So apply it thick.

To get that new drywall smooth as glass, be sure to get the right primer and sealer and put it on nice and heavy. It will look swell.


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