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Energy Savings Video

Here are two tips to help you save money with your energy costs. First at the end of the summer and fall watering seasons, remove any garden hoses you have attached to the outside faucets. If you do not and you have a frost proof hose bib, the water line could burst behind the faucet. You may not notice that until you turn the water back on in the spring.

To save money in the basement, check the area between the foundation and the floor joists. If there is no insulation in those spots, add it. Just cut some regular fiberglass batt insulation to fit and stuff it into the openings.

If you already have insulation in those spaces, pull one out and look at the back side. If there is a black spot at the top or bottom of the insulation, you have an air leak. The black spot is dirt that has been filters by the insulation. Get some caulk and caulk the joint where the air is leaking in.

The savings can add up if you block out the air leaking into your basement or crawl space.


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