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Exterior Door Insulation Video

The new exterior has been hung and it is time to insulate it. The gap between the door jamb and the framing has to be filled. Tim uses fiberglass insulation on the inside of the door and spray foam insulation on the exterior. The spray foam insulation should be one that is flexible. So will prevent the insulation from squeezing the door as the foam expands. If it would squeeze to much, it could affect the operation of the door. Only fill the gap about half way. As the urethane insulation cures, it will fill in the rest of the gap.

Once the spray foam has cured, seal the gap between the door jamb and the sheathing. The sticky flashing tape, used under the door, can be used to seal this gap. Only bring it out about a 1/4" onto the door frame. This will be covered by the trim around the door. This will keep any water from getting behind the door trim and into the house. If the spray foam expanding out past the edging, use a razor knife to cut it flush with the door jamb. You may have to fix the flashing tape if too much foam oozes out.

Now it is time to install the fiberglass insulation on the inside of the door. Rip some fiberglass insulation into strips that are slightly longer then the gap to be filled. Push it into place with a wood shim, but not pack it too tight! If desired, you can tape over the fiberglass filled gap with masking tape to block any additional air from coming in.

Replace the wood trim around the door and your exterior door project is ready for use.

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