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Exterior Door Removal Video

Before installing a new exterior door, you have to remove the old door. The first step to remove an exterior door is removing the door trim from inside the house. This will allow you to see what is around the door. After the trim has been removed and before you take out the old door, stop and take some measurements of the door opening. Then, check to be sure the new door is the proper size. Image the nightmare if you have removed the old door to find the new exterior door is the wrong size! If the new door will fit the opening in the frame, take down the old door.

On the outside of the door, remove the two side trim pieces from around the door. Do not remove the top trim, as there is an integral flashing that goes up behind the siding. The new door can be installed under this flashing be tilting it backwards and bringing up toward that weather flashing.

Use a razor knife to cut any caulking around the door trim. This will prevent the siding from being ripped away when the trim is removed. If some siding tries to come with the trim, use a small 2x4 block and tap the siding to break the seal.

Make your job easier by removing the door itself from the frame. Put out the door hinges and remove the door. This makes the remaining frame and sidelights, if present, a whole lot lighter. With the door gone, it is time to remove the remaining door jamb.

A word if caution. Does you door have an alarm switch embedded in the door jamb? If so, you may have to remove some drywall on the inside to get to the alarm switch. You can cut the wires to the switch and rewire it after the door installation.

Use a sawzall to cut the nails that are holding up the door jamb. Be sure to get a saw blade that will cut both wood and metal. The door frame will be ready to be taken out. You might need a hammer to help it along.

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