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February 12, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

It's coming - perhaps the biggest storm of the season.

Twelve hours from now, the maw of the Nor'easter could be directly overhead. If you're a new subscriber, I live in central New Hampshire.

January was a fairly dry month with little snow, but February is making up for lost time.

Today may be the day I lose access to my front walk for a month or more.

I thought you'd be interested in this before photo I took just after 7:00 am this morning. It's the calm before the storm.

See that stick at the end of the walk? It's an 8-foot grade pole one uses with a laser level or builders transit.

The pile of snow at the end of the walk is 6-feet tall.

Snow cascades off the two roofs on either side of the walk and from above my head. It's a box canyon.

I didn't build this house and the architect that designed it was obviously from Antigua or Houston, Texas. IDIOT

I'll have an after photo, and probably video, for you on Tuesday.

​​​​​​​Assuming I survive.

3-Stage Snowblower Video Review

Two days ago, I taped a video of the best snowblower I've ever used. It's made in the USA.

It's a Troy-Bilt Vortex 2490. The vortex name comes from the unique center high-speed auger that chews through crusty snow like I eat a Skyline Chili 5-way after being deprived for six, or more, months.

CLICK HERE or the photo of the spinning auger below and watch the video. I was a little excited at the end. You'll probably laugh. If not, you may need to meet me in person.

Soft Close Photos

My very good friends at LE Johnson want me to share a few stunning photos with you.

Each one of the doors you'll see can be equipped with their revolutionary soft-close mechanism.

Cool Blue Glow

Green Trilobite Vase Destractor

Giant Tri-Panel Slider

Electric Linesman's Dream Bedroom

Hidden Red Rotating Machines of Cleanliness

To discover how you can adapt your current LE Johnson pocket, slider or wall-mount doors with the soft-close hardware, CLICK HERE NOW.

It goes without saying you can get it on new LE Johnson doors too!

Maggie's Paint-Review Observation

You may be one of my subscribers that I've shaken your hand or given you a hug. I'm blessed to have been able to see you in person.

Maybe I've stayed at your home, ridden in your Jeep in Sedona and flown around the red rocks in a helicopter you rented or gone to your splendid gun and rod club.

I could go on and on and it's my hope to meet you one day if our paths have yet to cross.

There's also an elite group of subscribers who've sent me things or made something for me. It's almost impossible to describe that joy or wonderment!

Maggie's in this group. She loves to knit and most recently made me a Morse muff. It's a stunning hand-warming muff I can use while doing outdoor amateur radio in the cold.

I had a case of frostbite in my late teens to both hands and the doctor told me I'd forever have heightened cold sensitivity. He was spot on.

But I digress!!!!!

Maggie emailed my last week after I introduced you to the two amazing True Value paints - the X-O Rust spray paint and the EasyCare interior paint.

Here are links to the two reviews I did:

X-O Rust spray paint

EasyCare interior paint

You can get these at your local True Value hardware store, but I also provided links to both paints at Amazon.com.

Maggie went to Amazon, poked around and read the reviews.

Here's what she emailed me:

"True Value might want to look at how few stars their paint is being given: not exactly a raving endorsement?

I’m not sure why I’d want to buy paint online unless it was exactly a color/brand I’ve had before but even that would be a stretch. Seeing those reviews would deter me from going to the store!"

I also received a grumble comment from a subscriber who had an issue with the X-O Rust spray paint.

Here was my response to Maggie and the other subscriber. My thoughts are based on selling my Stain Solver oxygen bleach for twenty-one years and having to deal with complaining customers.

1. You never ever should assume the person writing the review (complaining) knows how to do the project or use the material.

2. The reviewer could have a dog in the fight. They could work for a competing company, distributor or retailer.

3. The reviewer could be like many who NEVER EVER read the instructions on the label.

4. The reviewer may not possess the needed hand-eye coordination required to get excellent results.

I could go on and on......

When it comes to paint, you need to realize that MANY PEOPLE have NO CLUE how to apply paint. I know because I've WATCHED THEM TRY TO PAINT.

They might be using cheap rollers and brushes. They may not have washed the walls.

They may be over-rolling the paint and spreading it too thin.

They may not have shaken the can of spray paint enough so the solids needed for coverage get mixed in.

They may not know how to spray paint. Their lack of skill then causes runs or other defects.

Get the point? Don't ASSUME the reviewers are QUALIFIED to render a valid and objective opinion.

Latest Revised Columns

There's some unbelievable revised content below.

You'd be remiss if you don't at least CLICK EACH ONE and skim it.

Some of the photos and videos you'll see are beyond description:

Roof Ventilation with Turbine Vents - THE BEST

How to Wallpaper Over Drywall - SPECIAL TRICK

Can I Cut My Roof Trusses? Yes, But….!

Treated Wood Foundations - Not For Me

How to Connect Cabinets

Washing Machine Water Valve Stuck

Small Engine Storage Tips

How To Repair Chipped Ceramic Tile

R Value Meaning and Map

Painting Walls or Trim First - Well…..

Tile Falls Off Walls​​​​​​​

Shed Floor Material - What’s Best?

Hot Garage Ventilation

How to Clean a Deck

Drywall Cutting Tools and Tips

Foundation Footer or Footing

Water in Heating Ducts - STOP the Water!

Scissors Truss Design - Vaulted Ceiling Baby!

Kitchen Exhaust Fan 101 - Important!

Land Clearing - Rarely DIY

Painting Steps - They Look Great!


That's a boatload of revisions. I'm doing it so you have a better user experience at www.AsktheBuilder.com.

Do you LIKE the revisions???

Got to go get ready for the blizzard! Wish me luck!!!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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