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February 12, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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You Can Be DT's Next Model!

Ladies, how would you like to be a model for Duluth Trading? If not you, maybe your daughter, grandchild, or a friend? They make fantastic clothing for both men and women.

I have some of their clothes on right now including their amazing Buck Naked underwear. Sorry for that not-so-pleasant graphic image, but let's move on.
Duluth Clothing for Women

Don't sell yourself short! I'd absolutely apply as you have NOTHING to lose. I don't think DT is looking for the next Christy Brinkley as they want to appeal to all women.

CLICK HERE and apply. Let me know if you make it. I'll be SO PROUD of you!

Speaking of Grandchildren....

Tim's a Grandpa
I'm a Grandpa! Yep, the first time.

Kathy and I are so happy and proud. Our little bundle of joy arrived a week ago today.

Our daughter Meghan had a tough time and required a 3-day stay in the hospital. The baby is fine and healthy and Meghan is making progress each day.

You may have been wondering why there was such a sense of urgency to get their new home started so late last year. This is but one reason.

I didn't want to share any news about the birth until I was confident of a positive outcome. Kathy and I raced up to help out our son-in-law who had not slept in 48 hours. We stayed around for two days to help cook and get the new family settled once Meghan was discharged from the hospital.

If you send good wishes our way, please accept this thanks in advance as I'm sure I'll be unable to answer each incoming reply. I hope you understand.

Our new granddaughter is one beautiful young lady, I can tell you that. I forgot how tiny newborns are. Wow, it was crazy to hold that little gal!

Three New Videos For You

I got a short break on Saturday afternoon while up helping with the newborn. I think Kathy wanted me out of her hair too. I raced over to the new house and recorded three new videos for you.

MANY MORE are in the works. I'm starting to make a list now and I could use your help.

CLICK HERE and tell me what you'd like to see me explain in the new house.

NOW is the time to capture this video as the house has just been framed.

I'm talking about SHORT videos explaining one small aspect. Think of things I might be able to explain as you see me do BELOW in the three new videos.

Please don't make a request like: Show step-by-step how to install shingles. Show step-by-step how to install plumbing

Those are two-hour full-blown shows, not three-minute micro-slice videos.

Here are the three new videos. Click the image or the title above the video:

How To Winder Stairs

Attic Truss Design

attic truss design

Cast Iron Drain Pipe

cast iron drain pipe

New Basement Bathroom

Three days ago, Ryan hired me to draw plumbing plans for a new basement bathroom he's installing at his home.

He rented an electric jack hammer on Sunday and started to break through the concrete floor. I've done that countless times. He quickly ran into water.

Lots of water. So much water he may have to wait until July to resume the project. Another option is to invest in a high-capacity water pump to lower the water as he installs the new plumbing.

I don't know if his house was built on a slight slope, but IF IT WAS and part of his land was LOWER than the bottom of the foundation footing, he's not have a drop of water under the slab.

You stop water from collecting under a basement slab by installing a sleeve or two or three through the footing. Look at a few of the sleeves I had installed at my daughter and son-in-law's new house so they'd NEVER HAVE standing water under their crawlspace slab.

The red arrows point to 4-inch plastic pipe sleeves. They do not hurt the integrity of the footing.

Did You Discover Something New Today?

Did I share something here in the newsletter that helped you save time and money? If so, maybe you want to treat me to a pecande or two or three. CLICK HERE for some fun!

LE Johnson Adventure on Sunday!

In just five days, I'll be in touch again. You're going to see some outstanding eye candy full of design ideas for your home.

If you're thinking of doing some painting or moderate interior remodeling this spring, then you'll absolutely want to CLICK EACH AND EVERY LINK in Sunday's newsletter.

I've got to go call my daughter Meghan now to see how the little one's doing!

Tim "Gramps, Grumpa, Grandpa" Carter
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