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How To Winder Stairs

How To Winder Stairs - They Save Space

"Winder stairs were very common in houses built in the early 1900s. It's a shame they're not used in more homes today."

Tim Carter - Founder www.AsktheBuilder.com

Winder stairs allow you to turn a corner and change the direction of a staircase.

The most common turn is 90 degrees. Circular stairs are a continuous flight of winder stairs as the treads create a corkscrew sometimes turning a full 360 degrees or more.

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What's the Best Winder Stairs Size?

Building codes mandate stairs should be at least 36 inches wide. This width is great for three winders to make a turn of 90 degrees.

This means each winder stair creates a 30-degree angle. The center of the winder tread is always going to be greater than 10 inches if the stairs are 36 inches wide. This is plenty safe.

Is it Hard to Make Winder Stairs?

It's easy to make winder stairs. The simplest way to do it is to make two or three platforms.

Note the drawings of mine below. Read the captions for a full understanding of how to build the winder stairs.

The bottom platform is a square usually 36 inches. The second platform might be an odd polygon and the third winder would be a simple triangle. It's best to just make a full-size template using cardboard if you're not a seasoned carpenter.

how to winder stairs

This is step one of the winder stairs. You build a platform that the other two winders will sit upon. The tread above the winders on one of the flights of steps in the illustration would be 22.5 inches HIGHER than the platform level. I always try to build steps with a 7.5-inch riser and a 10-inch tread. These are ideal steps. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

how to winder stairs

This is the second step. The second platform is an odd shape and the angle of the orange line is 30 degrees from the black platform line beneath it. This platform would be 7.5 inches higher than the one square one beneath it if I was building it. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

how to winder stairs

The third and last winder is the triangle platform that is marked #3. Its riser is also at a 30-degree angle to the stair riser to the RIGHT of the #3. If you need help with winder stairs I can CALL YOU ON THE PHONE. Click here to set up the phone call. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

How To Winder Stairs - They Save Space
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How To Winder Stairs - They Save Space
How to Winder Stairs | Winder stairs are a great way to save space and change direction. They're safe if you use no more than three to make a 90-degree turn.
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  1. Dear Tim:
    Your "winder stairs" brought back a pleasant memory... I purchased an older home in Oregon which had these type stairs. The house had been seized for drug sales. Under the stairs and turn was a storage closet.... I was inside, painting the closet when I noticed a board with a "catch".... I opened the secrete hidden door and found over $20,000 in gold and diamonds! Sure brought the cost of the house down!

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