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Find the Best Contractor Video 1 of 4

Finding the best contractor

This is video number one of a four-part series.

Tim Carter, founder of AsktheBuilder.com and national award-winning builder, discusses how easy it is to locate the true professionals in your town.

This video was shot before the advent of the online contractor-homeowner matching services, but it's relevant because you'll use this system to DOUBLE CHECK to make sure you're about to hire the pro.

Free & Fast Bids

CLICK HERE after watching the video to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local contractors.

After you get the bids, then visit the local businesses as Tim does to VERIFY the contractors giving you the bids are the best ones.


4 Responses to Find the Best Contractor Video 1 of 4

  1. Dear Tim,

    Contractors and/or tradesmen also need to be treated with respect... Pay them accordingly and on time. Otherwise they can really mischievous...



  2. Tim,

    Yes, that looked easy. But you're Tim Carter/Askthebuilder.com. It's hard to imagine that the supplier you talked to didn't know who you were, especially with the cameraman trailing along. It seems a bit unrealistic to think that there will be such immediate cooperation (or any at all) when a nobody-in-particular stops by the supplier and asks for the owner to chat.

    It could happen that way, but it doesn't seem likely.

  3. Well, the supplier came to the counter miked, so, no, this was not an impromptu visit! Tim should not have play-acted this.

    Doctors often won't recommend others, out of fear of being sued.

    I think that his advice is worth trying, since it only costs you less than a day of driving around your city.

    • Thanks for your comment Duds. How else are you going to get great audio unless he's wearing a mic. I don't have a full-blown production crew with an audio person handling a moving boom microphone. So as not to disrupt their business, I had to pre-arrange the visit. That's pretty much common sense. 😉

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