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Find the Best Contractor Video 2 of 4

Contract & Specifications

This is video number two of a four-part series.

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In this video Tim discusses the importance of the contract.

In a perfect world, and it happened only once during Tim's building career, you should be able to hand a contractor a set of plans, specifications and a CONTRACT and not have to talk to him ever again.

In other words, everything the contractor needs to know to complete the job is included in all three of those documents.

If you have great plans and specifications, the contract can be very very simple.

Free & Fast Bids

CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local professional contractors who will NOT BE OFFENDED if you ask to put everything in WRITING in the contract.

If a contractor RESISTS putting things in the contract, it's a WARNING that you are dealing with a possible crook.


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