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Fireplace Mantel Video

The challenge is to mount a fireplace mantel to the wall without putting screws or nails through the fireplace mantel wood. The solution is a French cleat. French cleats will allow you to remove the mantel, if needed. The French cleat is made using a piece of wood, cut so each section interlocks with the other. One section is mounted to the wall and the other on the back of the mantel.

To make the French cleat, take one piece of lumber and using a table saw rip the board lengthwise. Before cutting, set the table saw blade at 45 degrees. These two pieces will interlock when mounted.

Attach the piece to the wall so that the angle slopes back towards the wall. The chisel point will face up and out. The piece on the mantel and the chisel point facing down and out. When one section is placed on top of the other, they can not pull forward. The mantel will be mounted to the wall with no mounting screws or nails being seen.


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  1. I have used this technique before and it works great. I modified it slightly, though. I made the cleats slightly shorter than the piece I was hanging. This allows you some wiggle room to slide the piece left or right to get the look you want. DON'T make them too short as this might make the piece unstable when you placed a heavy object on the end!

  2. The only issue with using a piece of wood is recessing it on the project you're trying to hang. Otherwise, your piece is sticking out away from the wall the width of the wood.

  3. A great tip not new but if you do not know about it, a revelation. I like both tips sent in.
    Thanks Tim

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