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Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Manufacturers


The following is a listing of some very standard 4 foot fluorescent bulbs, their manufacturers, the lumens per watt (This is a measurement of how efficient they are. The higher the number the more light the bulb produces per unit of energy.), the CRI, and the color temperature.

All the manufacturers have all this information about all of their bulbs and it is sometimes published on the packaging. But sometimes you have to ask for it, as it is not always printed on the label or container. At the end of the table each manufacturer is listed with their 800# in case you run into difficulty at a store.

Remember to do a little price comparison shopping. Compare the average life of the bulb to the price and keep in mind the efficiency rating. A lower efficiency bulb may cost less at the store, but may cost more to operate in the fixture.

Bulb Comparisons and Manufacturers






SYLVANIA D830 FLUOR. 83 80 3,000K
GE SPX-30 83 82 3,000K
PHILIPS 30-U 76 85 3,000K
SYLVANIA D835 FLUOR. 83 80 3,500K
GE SPX-35 83 82 3,500K
PHILIPS 35-U 76 85 3,500K
SYLVANIA D841 FLUOR 83 80 4,100K
GE SPX-41 83 82 4,100K
PHILIPS 41-U 76 85 4,100K


    800-LIGHTBULB (800-544-4828)

  • GE

Sylvania has two excellent booklets on Color Temperature and Color Rendition. These books have excellent color photographs illustrating the effects of color temperature on objects. These booklets are Color is How you Light It and Understanding Lighting. I suggest you ask for them. Also, maybe your town has a lighting center like mine. Here in Cincinnati, Becker's has a light lab setup that will show you numerous fluorescent bulbs and how they change the color of pictures, fabrics, etc. The demonstration is dramatic! Hopefully, your town has a retailer like Becker's.


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