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Framing Nail Gun

Framing Nail Gun

Here's a great air-powered framing nail gun. This framing nail gun was featured in the June 10, 2018 Newsletter. Photo Credit: Tim Carter

"You can bang together stud walls, laminate structural headers, attach plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing to walls and roofs, etc."

Framing Nail Gun - Big Time Saver!

DEAR TIM: I've always wanted a powered nail gun to do rough carpentry. I realize they're expensive, but I want to treat myself and I really feel I'll get value out of it for all the projects I've got in my future.

What are the pros and cons of the different tools? There are air and gas-powered tools available. It can be pretty confusing.

Do you use these tools? If so, do you have any tips to share? Brian S., Buffalo, NY

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DEAR BRIAN: Oh, if I had a penny for every nail I've shot with my different framing nail guns I just might give Sir Richard Branson an offer to buy his Necker Island paradise!

I can tell you these tools are enormous time savers, and they're wicked machines that can be deadly. They must be treated just the same as you would treat a loaded handgun or a rifle.

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What Can a Framing Nail Gun Do?

Let's talk about what these tools can do first. Most of them shoot an assortment of nails that allow you to do just about every rough carpentry task I can think of. You can bang together stud walls, laminate structural headers, attach plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing to walls and roofs, etc.

framing nail gun

You'll get tired driving nails before the gun will. Don't think for a minute you can beat the gun. It will mock you as you sit down taking a break.

Can You Adjust the Nail Depth?

The tools can be adjusted so that you drive the nail the proper depth. Be certain that you always follow the building code requirements for both the type of nail, the shape of the head and the depth to which it must be driven.

Be sure the nail gun you decide to purchase will work with code-compliant nails.

Was the Senco SN4 a Good Framing Nail Gun?

The Senco SN4 was a fantastic framing nail gun.

Thirty years ago, I was using the most popular and rugged nail gun that was made at the time. My Senco SN4 gun was an air-powered beast and drove thousands of nails per workday without jamming.

It worked tirelessly from sunup to sundown. You just had to feed it a couple of drops of oil each morning, and it was happy as a clam.

What are the Downsides to Air Compressors?

Here are a few downsides for air compressors:

  • extra expense
  • requires refueling through the day
  • noisy
  • requires regular maintenance
  • takes up space in a truck

Many carpenters use much quieter electric compressors. The advantage of my compressor is that it could be used where there was no electric.

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Are Cordless Framing Nail Guns Practical?

Yes, cordless framing nail guns are not only practical, they're possibly a better choice.

Some years later, I switched to the impulse gas nail guns made by Paslode. The Paslode framing nail gun and the finish-trim guns soon became my favorites.

What are the Advantages of Cordless Nail Guns?

There are many advantages to cordless nail guns:

  • no heavy compressor required
  • no air hoses
  • the gun is ready to fire within three seconds of removal from a case
  • works all day on one battery charge and fuel cell
  • less overall maintenance and cost

Are There Electric Framing Nail Guns?

At the time this was written, there were no electric-powered framing nail guns. The engine in one requires so much power, it's not practical to have that big a battery on the gun.

You can get electric-powered nail guns, but the only ones I've been able to see are finish nailers. Something tells me it will take a significant advancement in technology to have a cordless battery-powered framing nail gun.

How Do I do a Cost Comparison Before Buying?

Before you make your final framing nail gun purchasing decision, be sure to calculate all the costs. If you decide to go with an air tool, you'll need a compressor, hoses, fittings, etc. Think what will happen if you need to use the tool somewhere else and how will you get all that gear to the job site?

With my impulse nailer, the entire tool and everything you need fits into a small case you easily carry with one hand. I can take it anywhere I want. I can even use it at a remote site all day where there is no power. I just need to charge the battery pack at night back home or at a cabin.

Should I Always Think About Safety?

Safety is something you must think about all the time with nail guns. They call them guns for a reason.

People have been killed with them and seriously injured. On one of my jobs years ago, one of my helpers nailed his big toe to the sub-flooring because he was going too fast. I almost had a 16d framing nail shoot into my chest one day because I was doing something foolish.

On another job, an air-powered air nailer shot two nails in quick succession because of a hair trigger. The gun bounced off the stud, hit me in the head, broke my glasses, and knocked me off the ladder.

When I came to, blood was streaming down my face. Three hours and four stitches later, I was back on the job site. Do I have your attention yet? Treat these tools with the utmost respect.

Should I Use the Nail Gun When I'm Tired?

Don't use these tools when you're fatigued. A mistake can be deadly. Always read the instruction manual, especially all the safety warnings. Don't ever leave these tools around children of any age. They're highly curious about tools, and these nailers will fascinate them.

How Long Can a Nail Gun Work Before Maintenance?

If you keep your new nailer clean and follow all maintenance instructions, it should give you years of great service. I can tell you when I have to hand nail just a few nails, I always wonder why I just didn't open up the case of my nail gun and use it.

But doing it the old-fashioned way makes you really appreciate the luxury of these great tools.

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Framing Nail Gun - Huge Time Saver
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Framing Nail Gun - Huge Time Saver
A framing nail gun will drive nails all day and never get tired. This tool saves time and money.
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