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Free Lead Poisoning Hazard Information

Do you want some helpful government literature? If so, there is a ton of it available for free. The following list is just a partial listing of some stuff you can get. I built this list from a helpful EPA web page . You can order 15 of the documents online right from there. If you don't have Web access, then order by mail. Call 800-424-LEAD for complete mailing instructions. Here is what they will tell you to do:

  • If you would like documents sent to you via U.S. Mail, please provide your name, address, and daytime phone number.
  • Make a list of what publications you want.
  • Please limit your document request to 15 individual documents.
  • Some NLIC documents may be available from the EPA Fax-on-Demand system. Call 1-800-424-LEAD for more information.

Partial Lead Hazard Document Listing:

  • 003 EPA Fact Sheet: Learn About Lead
  • 400 EPA Reducing Lead Hazard When Remodeling Your Home
  • 402 EPA Lead Exposure Associated With Renovation and Remodeling Activities
  • 418 EPA Testing Your Home for Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil
  • 011 CDC/ATSDR Lead in Your Drinking Water
  • 017 EPA Lead in Your Home: A Parent's Reference Guide
  • 019 EPA Lead Poisoning and Your Children
  • 021 EPA Identifying Lead Hazards in Your Home
  • 024 EPA Report on the National Survey of Lead-Based Paint in Housing
  • 029 NLIC National Lead Information Center List of Documents available by FAX on Demand
  • 319 EPA Fact Sheet: Disclosure of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Homes
  • 322 EPA EPA and HUD Notification and Disclosure Rule
  • 323 EPA/HUD Lead; Requirements for Disclosure of Known Lead-Based Paint
  • 325 EPA/HUD Real Estate Disclosure Forms (Sale / Lease)
  • 420 EPA A Field Test of Lead-Based Paint Testing Technologies: Summary
  • 426 AECLP EPA's National Guidelines for Lead Hazards in Dust and Soil
  • 440 EPA Residential Sampling for Lead; Protocols for Dust and Soil
  • 443 EPA Sampling House Dust for Lead; Basic Concepts and Literature Review
  • 471 EPA Summary and Assessment of Published Information on Determining Lead Exposures and Mitigating Lead Hazards Associated with Dust and Soil in Residential Carpets, Furniture, and Forced Air Ducts
  • 500 OSHA Lead Exposure in Construction - Interim Ruling
  • 601 HUD Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead Based Paint Hazards in Housing; Chapter 7 - Inspection

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