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Hepa Filter & Hepa Vacuum Manufacturers

HEPA Vacuum Manufacturers

I don't really advocate the use of vacuum cleaners to pick up lead dust, although I am told it is safe. Conventional filters are absolutely a no-no as the lead dust can pass right through those and be blasted back into the air via the vacuum exhaust port.

To stop lead dust inside a vacuum, you need a special filter known as a HEPA filter. HEPA is an acronym for high performance particulate air. These filters are expensive but they can trap very, very small particles that are invisible to the eye. Lead particles are trapped for sure by these filters.

Most of the ordinary wet / dry vacuum companies make a vacuum cleaner that can be equipped with such a filter. I own a Ridgid brand wet / dry vacuum that can handle such a HEPA filter. I am reasonably confident that the following vacuum manufacturers have certain models that can be equipped with a HEPA filter. Make sure the model you buy can accept such a filter before you complete your purchase. I would not do it based on literature claims. I would want to see the actual HEPA filter and see if indeed it fits the vacuum cleaner.

Here are the vacuum manufacturers:

  • Clarke Industries

  • Dayton Electric Mfg. Co.

  • Fein Power Tools

  • Ridgid Tool Co.

  • Shop-Vac

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