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Gerber Prybrid Utility Review

Gerber Prydrid Utility

Gerber Prybrid Utility | It may look attractive, but it's a trick! That said, you may actually love the way it feels in your hand. Not me!

Gerber Prybrid Utility - UGH!

The Gerber Prybrid Utility fit in my hand like I was holding a ragged piece of Meredith Porphyritic Granite or a prickly piece of cactus.

Look at its boxy shape with the hardened edges. It was so uncomfortable in my hand.  But to you, it may feel like a two-day-old velveteen chick.

I understand why it happened because Gerber went down the multi-tool path. They claim it's eight tools in one. Strangely they don't list its primary purpose first. Here's how they list the features on their website:

  • pry bar
  • nail puller
  • wire stripper
  • small flathead driver
  • large flathead driver
  • bottle opener
  • standard utility blade
  • cord cut notch

Comfort is King

Tools are like handguns. A very good friend of mine is a retired ATF Senior Special Agent and he coached me when I purchased my first handgun. "Tim, the gun has to feel good in your hand. Trust me, not all handguns feel the same. There are huge differences. Don't purchase a gun that feels bad."

He was so right! I discovered long ago that most utility knives felt so-so in my hand. But you made do with what was available.

However, about eight years ago, I came across a unique Stanley utility knife, the QuickSlide, that has since become my favorite utility knife of all time because it feels perfect in my hand.

In my opinion, the Stanley QuickSlide is the right shape, it's the right thickness, and it's the right length. What's more, it's designed to do one thing: be a utility knife.

When you decided you're going to do lots of things at once, you're probably not very good at any one thing. That's what happened with the Gerber Prybrid Utility in my opinion.

Gerber Prydrid Utility

This is why they named the tool the Prybrid. This is the mini pry bar end. It may work well to pry things up in a house made for a mouse. Those two tips also are the flathead screwdrivers and the notch is the nail puller. No way you're going to be pulling out a 16d nail with this tool.

Gerber Prydrid Utility

This is what the tool was designed to do, I think. Cut things. You can see the cord-cutting notch near my finger.

Gerber Prydrid Utility Back

Here's the back of the tool. It's definitely got a boxy shape.

Gerber Prybrid Stanley Quickslide

This is the photo you've been waiting for. Look at the difference in design. My favorite utility knife of all time - I'm talking 40+ years of using one - is in the center. It's the Stanley Quickslide. I BEG YOU TO GO BUY THREE OF THEM NOW BEFORE THEY STOP MAKING THEM. The yellow Stanley utility knife at the bottom is not bad, but it's fatter and just doesn't fit as good as the Quickslide. But guess what? You may think it feels GREAT! Your mileage may vary indeed!

Stanley Quickslide


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