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Haas Garage Door Review

haas garage door

Haas garage door - These are my two new doors. The autumn sunlight is seeping through the trees over my left shoulder causing a unique dappled lighting effect on the doors. My old doors were solid green and made the garage look like a commercial building. Read more on Tim's Haas Garage Doors and the mouse barricade. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

"The decorative glass panels at the top of each door flood the garage with light."

Haas Garage Door - Real Wood Look But Tough Steel

Just a month ago, I had two new Haas garage doors installed at my home. The doors are steel, but anyone visiting my home thinks we've got distinctive real-wood garage doors with leaded glass.

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Do The Doors Look Like Real Wood?

Yes, the graining on the wood doors is done as if real wood was used to create the doors. The grain runs in the exact directions that you'd find the panels, stiles, and rails.

haas door wood grain

You can see the wood grain runs at 90 degrees to one another as it would had the door been made from solid wood. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Are the Door Insulated?

Yes, my new Haas doors are filled with foam insulation that will keep my garage above freezing in the bitter New Hampshire winters. That's a big plus.

Do You Feel The Haas Doors Add Value to Your Home?

Absolutely yes! You be the judge. Imagine if you were able to see the before look and then the after. I did that for you by taking a photo of the first door complete before the second door was installed. You tell me if my home is more attractive?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Leave a comment below telling me if you feel the new door on the right adds value to my home? Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Do The Glass Panels add Lots of Light to the Garage?

The decorative glass panels at the top of each door flood the garage with light. Before my garage was a dungeon and in broad daylight I had to turn on overhead lights to see anything.

haas decorative glass

Look how bright it is in the garage! You would have needed a flashlight before this door was installed. The white steel color on the inside helps brighten the garage. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

What About the Decorative Glass?

There are several styles of decorative glass. We wanted the Emerald pattern to match the leaded glass at our front door. The Aqua glass provides privacy with the rippled texture.

haas garage door

This shows you what the decorative glass starts to look like as the sunlight fades. The darker it gets outside the more beautiful my new Haas doors look as the light becomes more golden. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Would You Recommend a Haas Door to Your Friends?

You bet. I've installed countless garage doors in my career and my new doors are made in the USA in the great state of Ohio, they're strong, the hardware is substantial, the look is superb, and I know they're going to last for decades. What more can you expect from a garage door?

The Federal Trade Commission requires me to inform you that Haas Door installed these doors at my home at no charge so you could read about what I thought for free. My policy has always been that I don't recommend or review products that I wouldn't be proud of owning or showcasing in my own home. Those products that don't pass that initial quality test probably are reviewed on other blogs.


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