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How to Thread Black Iron Pipe Video

How to Thread Black Iron Pipe Video

To thread black iron, you need to use special tools.

It's dirty work and if it's hot outdoors, you'll break a sweat for sure.

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Thread Black Iron in Minutes

In this video, Tim Carter demonstrates how to cut threads on black iron pipe using a hand ratchet and cutting dies.

Black Iron Pipe SUCCESS TIPS:

  • Be sure the pipe dies match the pipe size
  • Ream out cut black iron pipe
  • Use plenty of oil while cutting threads
  • Be sure to stop cutting once end of pipe is flush with end of die
Pipe Die

Here's what a pipe cutting die looks like outside the hand ratchet. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this delivered to your home in days.

This column was shared with Tim's readers in his November 2, 2017 Newsletter.


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