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January 25, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

"Nadine, how are you today?"

"Fine, Tim. How about you?"

"Fantastic. I'm stoked because we've only got five more weeks of possible wretched weather. Once we get to March 1st, we know we're out of the woods."

Nadine is an adroit counter clerk at Middleton Lumber Supply in downtown Meredith, NH. I was there buying 300 pounds of rock salt.

What's buying 300 pounds of salt at one time tell you about the woebegone winters in central NH? Keep in mind I've got a pretty long driveway that's all hill.

We had a fierce ice storm two days ago that exhausted my salt supply. Here's what it looked like driving to town to pick up the salt.

The scene was so much more spectacular in person when you could see the ice glistening like crystals on all the tree branches.

nh ice storm

Quick Home Improvement Survey

I'd like to get a handle of what you might have planned at your home in the next 12 months or so.

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tub and glass

L. J. Smith - Stair Parts Extraordinaire

When I was in Orlando, FL, two weeks ago I got to meet three people who work for a company you've probably never heard of but you've quite likely SEEN and touched their products.

Beth Galigher, J. Kelly Miller and Craig Kurtz ate dinner with me the first night of the Builders Show. They're the top management of what I feel is the best stair parts company in the USA.

Your hands probably have grasped their handrails. Your eyes have marveled at their balusters, newel posts and other stair trim. You may have their products in your own home and don't realize it.

I'm talking about L. J. Smith Stair Systems.

I used their parts for the grand staircase in the last house I built for Kathy and the kids. If all goes well, I'm going to be ordering more of the same parts for my final dream home.

Check out these two photos of the L J Smith stair parts that I installed thirty years ago. The photos are one month old and look how good everything still looks!

tim carter stairs

tim's stair case


Did you pay close attention to the close-up photo just above?

Notice how Kathy selected three different balusters and we just kept repeating the pattern down the staircase.

It made for a very interesting look. The staircase, including the oriental runner and brass carpet rods, looks exactly like it did the day we moved to NH.

Kathy and I miss this staircase and I'm working my you-know-what off so I can finally build the final dream house for Kathy and me.

CLICK HERE to check out all the different stair parts L J Smith offers.

Fun Way To Cap a Retaining Wall

Please watch the videos at the page just below.

You'll be amazed. Be sure to WAIT FOR IT! Don't bail out!!!

CLICK HERE to make a grin appear on your face.

Foundation Drain Tile - Usually GOOFED UP

Are you thinking of building a new home or room addition soon?

Will it have a basement or crawlspace? Do you want them to be DRY forever? Most builders GOOF UP drain tile.

A vast majority of new homes do NOT have foundation waterproofing. You may think yours does, but odds are you got bamboozled.

CLICK HERE NOW to see how I do drain tile.

That's quite enough for today.

I'm going to Mt. Desert Island up in Maine for the weekend for an exploration trip. Saturday is supposed to be a fantastic day.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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