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Jonathan From the UK

Jonathan is one of my friends from the UK. I would so love to go there and visit and have a meet up with him and all other nearby Ask the Builder newsletter subscribers.

Here are a few photos he sent me and some context of where he lives:

"I'm in the countryside near the seaside resort town of Blackpool in the North West, about an hour from Manchester, Liverpool and to the north, the Lake District. Most Americans that visit the UK love it."

When I published a photo of the flag of the Isle of Man, Jonathan emailed me the following:

"I don't need to look where the Isle of Man is...... I'm a 15-minute drive from the coast at Blackpool from where, on a clear day, it can be seen. Here's a picture taken with a telephoto lens by a chap I know, Stephen Cheatley who's a professional photographer. I've been there a few times with my parents when I was growing up and once as an adult about 25 years ago. I remember that visit well, it rained just about all day every day."

isle of man

This is just the view of Snae Fell, not the entire Isle of Man. The photo was shot by professional photographer Stephen Cheatley and republished with his permission. You absolutely should see some of his nighttime photos. WOW!

And Jonathan is really proud of a tree he planted. It's a fantastic specimen. Here's what he had to say:

"Randomly, here's a couple of pics of my Horse Chestnut (Conker) tree I planted when I was about 10, I'm now 62."

Horse Chestnut Tree

horse chestnut tree

horse chestnut tree





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