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July 13, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I think it's been three weeks since we last communicated, unless of course you're a new subscriber and this is your first issue! Welcome!

The last week of June, I was on the Norwegian cruise liner Dawn and had a marvelous time. It was my first cruise and WOW was I impressed. The Dawn left Boston at 4:00 p.m. on June 23rd and arrived in Bermuda the morning of June 25th.

I had the unique opportunity to interact with many of the crew, including Alain Magnier, the Hotel Director. The hotel director is just below the captain on the ship's organizational chart. Alain is completely in charge of the passenger and crew experience on the ship. It's a huge responsibility.

I'm in the process of writing a big story about the Dawn and how it compares in a way to your home. I know that seems crazy but wait until you read my story, see my photos and videos.

I had the pleasure of conducting a one-hour interview with Alain and then we ate a delicious lunch in Cagney's Steakhouse on board the ship as it made its way back to Boston from Bermuda.

In addition to speaking with Alain, I also had the great good fortune to meet and talk with:

CLICK each of their names above and read the stories about each of these super professional crew members. If you go on cruises and don't reach out and talk to the crew, I feel you're missing something. Most are very congenial and will engage you in conversation.

Here's a photo of Linda and I taken the night before we got back to Boston:

Electronic Stove Igniters

Yesterday I solved a pesky problem with Kathy's stove. The gas burners ignite using a spark igniter. The igniter is supposed to stop clicking and sparking once the flame starts.

Well, ours kept sparking. I was able to solve the problem in minutes using some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs.

All you do is soak the tip of a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and rub the grease and dirt off the tip of the entire igniter and the burner area where the spark jumps to from the ignitor.

It only took me about five minutes to clean all eight ignitors.

Try this is you're having issue with your stove.

Car Rental Experts - Please Help Me!

My next adventure is in one month. I'll be doing a factory tour where the magnificent KEEN shoes and boots are made.

CLICK HERE to understand why I'm investing the time to travel 3,000 miles to this factory.

The KEEN headquarters are in downtown Portland, Oregon. WOOT! The list of US states I haven't visited will now be down to three after this trip! I've never been to Oregon. After that I need to get to North Dakota, Alaska and Hawaii. But I digress.

About ten days after the KEEN tour ends, I need to be in San Francisco for a meeting. It seemed nuts to fly all the way back to New Hampshire and then a week later fly back out, so I'm staying out west.

This is where I need you if you're a SUPER EXPERT about renting cars. I'm looking for the absolute best deal on a one-way car rental from Portland, OR down to San Francisco. I already know you can usually get better deals not picking the car up from the airports.

But what are the other secrets?

If you're a car rental expert, please consider reaching out and help me get a super deal. I'd pick up the car mid morning of August 4th in Portland and I'd return it to the SFO airport early on the morning of August 16th.

It can be a tiny car. I'm not particular.

Oregon / N. California Meet Ups???

This trip will produce opportunities for a few meet ups if you live in Portland, OR or San Fransisco, CA or in between these two cities. Reach out to me if you want to do a meet up and let me know where you are so I can see if we can make it work.

Dishwasher Money-Saving Tips

About two months ago, I noticed that the glasses coming out of my dishwasher were not really clean. They had a film on them.

I do have a water softener and it was operating just fine. The rinsing agent reservoir in the dishwasher was also filled with the magic blue liquid.

I traced the issue to a DISGUSTING grease-clogged filter in the bottom of the dishwasher under the rotating arm that squirts water.

GROSS!!!! I was able to get the filter looking like new soaking it overnight in my Stain Solver oxygen bleach.

Stain Solver really does a great job of attacking grease. Once the filter was clean, the glasses looked great again.

While we're at it on dishwashers, here's another tip.

You know the little dispenser you fill with detergent that gets the dishes clean? Do you fill those all the way each load?

STOP doing that. Start TESTING NOW.

I've discovered that I only need to fill the main reservoir only about 1/3 of the way with a name-brand liquid cleaner to get perfectly clean dishes.

I also fill the pre-wash reservoir only 1/2 way.

You'll end up buying far less detergent if you find the sweet spot for your machine.

My guess is the dishwasher manufacturers oversize the reservoirs in case you buy a crap detergent that doesn't work so well so you need to put more in.

New Columns For You

Here are a few new columns for you to help increase your knowledge:

Tub Tile Grout Repair

Treated Wood Rot

Blacktop Driveway Types

New Videos Coming

I'm about to tape a series of videos showing how to cut and thread black iron pipe. I think you're really going to be amazed at how SIMPLE it is.

That's enough for today. Help me out on the car rental please if you like challenges.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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