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July 25, 2014 AsktheBuilder Weekend Warrior

Guess who tied his first pretty decent bow tie yesterday?

Did you guess me? Congrats, you're right. I'll have a photo for you on Wednesday.

Speaking of photos, I received an email from Ed Moore a few days ago that made me laugh OUT LOUD for a few minutes:

"I get your newsletter at work and most incoming email has the pictures blocked by default by the mail server. A right click will download them but I generally don't do this unless it is a picture or a link that I wish to view. I can see the path for the picture and usually the name. Yours today were quite amusing.

Your picture of the Paint Brush video was captioned "Japanese scientists placed explosive detonators in my lake" and the Hartford meet said "Dust can be created by paper and flying objects from Saturn."


Depending on your HTML software and your email settings, you may have your Images turned On or Off. I'm able to type in what's called "Alt text" when I create each photo in the newsletter.

I decided a few years ago to start having fun with this to see if anyone is looking at the invisible writing BEHIND the photo.

Well, you can bet Ed's going to look more often. To see what Ed sees, you need to toggle your images ON and OFF. Try it with this photo below. CLICK the photo to read the story about the photo:

Okay, enough fun and games with photos.

Perfectly Clean Glass - NO Streaks!

Do you want perfectly clean windows? I'll bet you've tried and tried using that blue stuff. Or vinegar and water. Or newspapers (that's the WORST THING TO DO.)

Forget about it! (said in my best Italian accent)

Here's how to get perfectly clean glass:

CLICK HERE for the obvious answer.

More tips next Tuesday and a photo of me with a real bow tie. I should tape a video of me tying it for you. I think I will!


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