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June 12, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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What's New at the New House?

I've been AWOL the past two weeks because I've been super busy.

Many months ago, eight to be exact, I announced that this newsletter would highlight as often as possible the progress of the new home my daughter and son-in-law are building in Downeast Maine - specifically in the town of Bar Harbor on Mt. Desert Island.

They got started at the worst possible time with lot clearing commencing in the middle of October, 2018. Ideally you'd want this to happen in April as winters in Downeast Maine can be brutal.

This past winter, locals up there have said, was one of the WORST ONES in recent memory. It was icy, very icy, and bitter cold. The project ground to a halt just after the middle of January. My son-in-law and I were putting in cast iron DWV pipe in single-digit temperatures the third week of February. It was brutal.

Spring was SLOW to come up in Bar Harbor. I was working there in early May and each morning it was in the low 30s F and struggled to get to the upper 40s F. I couldn't believe I was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and feeling cold in May!

The house is now finally ready for drywall and here's one of the last tasks I completed last Saturday morning. You're looking at four Uponor radiant heating manifolds in the master bedroom closet area.
Manifold Master Bedroom
It's highly recommended to have the heating manifolds as close as possible to the Uponor hePEX loops under the floors. These four manifolds serve the four zones that supply luxurious floor heat to:

  • east half of the second floor
  • west half of the second floor
  • attic floor
  • future garage attic office/guest bedroom floor

I installed these Uponor manifolds. My son-in-law helped install all the Uponor hePEX tubing that connects to the manifolds.

We got all of these supplies from my friends at SupplyHouse.com.

You'd be STUNNED at all the things you can find there for your home to help REPAIR THINGS and their pricing is extremely competitive.

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Do you own or have recently purchased a PORTABLE dehumidifier?

A portable dehumidifier is a boxy machine, usually on wheels, that sucks moisture out of the air. You may use one in your basement or crawlspace.

I want to know a few things about your dehumidifier.

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Oh, the winner is also going to get an EXTRA prize that I designed myself! CLICK or TAP HERE to see a photo of it.

I'm going to take survey submissions up to midnight ET, June 30, 2019. The winner will be selected at RANDOM the following morning.

Doing Things Wrong Your Entire Career

Imagine being taught to do something many years ago by a mentor.

But what happens if what you were taught was the wrong way to do it? What happens if the mistake is hidden behind something?

CLICK or TAP HERE to read a true story that just happened within the past week.

That's quite enough for a mid-week blast. I hope to finally have for you several NEW VIDEOS on Sunday. I'm waiting on final approval from a few manufacturers to make sure the videos are PERFECT.

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