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June 16, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

If you're a NEW subscriber to this newsletter in the past five days, this is NOT a normal newsletter. You'll get one on Tuesday.

Whenever I have a sale on a product, I send out a reminder that the sale is about to END. That's what this is all about.

First, yesterday I worked on top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. I'm a ham radio operator, and my club was doing communications for the 2013 Hill Climb. They should rename it. It's the Mountain RUN.

I was working the finish line at the summit, a very important station that's got all sorts of noise issues from the wind and crowd, as well as radio propagation issues from the countless radio and TV antennas broadcasting from the highest point in the Northeast USA.

That building just to my left is where the highest wind speed was recorded. This record stood for decades. Can you see the heavy chains they have crossing the roof to keep the building from blowing away?

Hundreds of runners run up the 7.6 miles or so to the summit. Some walk, including two record holders!

I got to witness the OLDEST and YOUNGEST runners cross the finish line at the same time! You'll see a link to that story in my ham radio blog on Tuesday.

Here's what it looked like at the summit yesterday morning. A RARE clear day on Mt. Washington.


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I'll have a regular newsletter for you on Tuesday.

It's going to be completely devoted to my trip to Milwaukee last week.

Wait till you see all the photos, a few videos, etc. I've got to share from that trip.

I saw and tested a bunch of great NEW TOOLS. Many of them you'll love. Wait till you see the ....... Sorry, you'll just have to wait until Tuesday!


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