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June 21, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Are you a new subscriber? Welcome! I reserve this top spot in the newsletter for you because I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

You, however, might be an older subscriber. Mind you, I’m not talking about how many trips around the sun you’ve made! That said, tell me if you recall the column I wrote about the insane bearing wall I built at my last home.

You’re NOT GOING TO BELIEVE this wall, much less the enormous amount of weight concentrated on it. CLICK or TAP HERE and be prepared to be blown away. Be SURE to watch the video on the page so you get a feel for what your blueprints should have in them!

This Week’s Music Track

I always listen to music while creating the newsletter. Here’s a very unique soundtrack you might like. I have to admit, it dates me! CLICK or TAP HERE and sit back and relax.

The Blue Review

Speaking of blueprints, Jeremy reached out to me a few days ago asking if I’d review the blueprints his builder will use to construct Jeremy’s new two-story house. He wanted to know if I could locate oversights, small design flaws, errors in flashing detailing, inferior products, and maybe uncover future problems, etc.

Guess what? I DO OFFER this service and have done it for years. The cost depends on the size of the house or project. If you want me to check over your blueprints, just reach out to me. If I find just one mistake, the service is worth it. Imagine what it can cost to repair a problem down the road!

Fantastic Step Ladder

This summer, I decided to dive deep into all the pesky home-repair projects I have at my own home. Yes, my house needs attention too.

One of my favorite tools is my Gorilla Aluminum Hybrid step ladder. It’s SO LIGHT and sturdy. I feel safe on it and love, love, love the wide standing platforms.

ladders gorilla

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover other reasons why I love, love, love this ladder.

If you do ELECTRICAL work, you’ll want to look at my Gorilla Fiberglass Hybrid ladder too!

My Trex Deck

Quite often I get emails asking me if I have a deck, and if I like composite decking. You may have asked me about this before you built your own deck.

Four years ago, I rebuilt my existing narrow deck. I also built a ginormous 16 x 24 additional deck. I covered both decks with Trex Transcend. I used Trex Transcend for the railing system as well.

deck over water

Weather permitting, I eat breakfast and lunch on this deck. You can find me working with my laptop under that sun umbrella any day the weather allows.

I get compliments all the time on how the Trex Transcend LOOKS LIKE REAL WOOD.

Bottom Line: I’d install it again in a heartbeat. CLICK or TAP HERE to understand why.

Dishwashers & Stain Solver

George is a subscriber to this newsletter. He and I have never met, but we’ve exchanged emails.

A few days ago he wrote:

“My dishes/glassware are not coming out clean when running the dishwasher. I was thinking of using your Stain Solver to clean out the dishwasher alone. But I can’t seem to find instructions on your website.

Is it possible to use Stain Solver to clean an empty dishwasher and if so, what is the best way to do it?”

Stain Solver Oxygen Bleach

Do you have issues like George? I know I do from time to time. No one likes cloudy glasses!

Dishwashers need lots of things to go right for you to get sparkling-clean dishes and glasses every time. Here’s a partial list:

  • Dishes need to be loaded properly so the water can get to the dirty surfaces
  • Filters in the bowels of the machine must be clean and grease-free
  • Soft water is ideal as hard water causes cloudiness
  • Rinsing agent reservoir must be filled and adjusted correctly
  • Washing arm water-outlet holes need to be inspected for clogs

Now, let’s talk about Stain Solver! Whew!

Stain Solver is a fantastic certified organic powdered oxygen bleach. I’ve been making and selling it for 23 years.

I use Stain Solver to de-grease my dishwasher filter. However, I do this by removing the filter and allowing it to soak in a solution of Stain Solver and HOT water for about three hours. The fine mesh stainless steel screen looks BRAND NEW each time I do this.

After soaking, I use a small brush with soapy water to scrub the filter. I finish up by rinsing with clear water.

I sometimes add two tablespoons of Stain Solver to an extra-greasy load of dishes to help keep the dishwasher clean as well as the filter.

I’ve got you amped up about buying Stain Solver, don’t I? Guess what?

The wretched virus hullabaloo has completely disrupted the manufacturing facility. We are SOLD out of all sizes except the small SAMPLE SIZES. It appears we’ll not have product to sell until sometime in July.

If you want a SAMPLE SIZE of Stain Solver, you’ll want to order NOW. CLICK or TAP HERE.

Do you want to know WHEN Stain Solver will be IN STOCK again? I suggest you subscribe to the Stain Solver newsletter. You’ll find this information plus cleaning tips and special offers. CLICK or TAP HERE to subscribe.

Front Porch Construction

Trends shift. Some things about houses should not be trendy. They should be included in all homes at all times, like toilets.

Large covered front porches are an example of one of these must-have things. Can you imagine gliding back and forth in the swing on this porch on a summer evening with your honey? You’d think you’d won the big door prize!

concrete front porch

Why do I feel this way about front porches? CLICK or TAP HERE and discover at least one thing you didn’t know about front porches.

The Fun Quiz!

How did you like last week’s quiz? Did you know that the Egyptians are credited with inventing plywood? Holy tomato, I would have NEVER known that.

So tell me, what do you think these things have in common:

  • a large tract of land
  • a place where hay is often stored
  • a meeting house with a dance floor
  • a special tool for titanium bolts
  • a frightful skin disease

what is a grange

CLICK or TAP HERE to enhance the tiny gray cells in your noggin! I GUARANTEE you’ll discover something new.

That’s quite enough for a Sunday with us now past the solstice. UGH!

Happy Fathers Day to you if you’re a Dad reading today's newsletter!

And a Happy BELATED Mothers Day to you, should you be a loving Mom reading this.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
SOLD OUT BEST CLEANER - www.StainSolver.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. I had to paint some exterior trim on my house this week.

When did you think I did it? What time of day?

CLICK or TAP HERE to see if you’re applying paint on the outside of your house in the RIGHT CONDITIONS.


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