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June 23, 2019 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Are you a new subscriber in the past week? Cowabunga am I glad you're here! Seasoned subscriber? I cherish your continued commitment to collect counsel that avoids costly outlays of cash.

Yesterday I had a fun amateur radio day. Tens of thousands of radio operators across the USA and Canada participated in a 24-hour emergency training exercise. It's called Field Day.

The intention is to encourage operators to set up stations out in the *field* in any weather conditions to hone skills in case an amateur radio operator is needed in a natural disaster. Some radio clubs transform it into a food event and dabble in radio part of the day.

I set up in a wooded location with my outdoor radio mentor and honed my skills battling mosquitoes and wood ticks as well as sending and receiving Morse code. I sent all of my transmissions using very low power - about the same as you need for a traditional night light - 4 watts!

You only need that kind of power to send a message thousands of miles if the atmosphere is tickled just right by energy from the sun.

Why You're HOT With Your AC On

return air duct

There are several reasons why your central AC is not able to keep you comfortable. The first thing I look at in a house is to see if each room has a return air duct to transport HOT air from a room back to the air handler.

That return grill and duct MUST BE in the proper location and sized correctly.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how to MAXIMIZE comfort in your home with the AC on. BE SURE to pay attention to the Related Links!!!

Extension Cord Danger & Sizing

Are you flummoxed by extension cords? Are you aware of the DANGER lurking in each one?

extension cord sizing

Just last week, a visitor to the website asked me a question about cords. He mentioned how he just got a new electric lawn mower and the owner's manual specified the cord he should use.

He then said, "I went to the local big box store and the length I needed was not there. Is it okay to SUBSTITUTE ........"

If you were a betting person, what might you think my answer would be?

If you don't know the EXACT ANSWER, I BEG YOU to CLICK OR TAP HERE and read my column and the last comment way at the bottom.

You generally only get one chance with extension cords.

Make a mistake and you might qualify for the ubiquitous Darwin Award.

Perfect Concrete Installation

mix concrete

Concrete installation looks easy.

Concrete installed by pros can be very costly.

Concrete installation is far more complex than you'd ever imagine.

Do you want to only have it done once and have it LAST for DECADES?

I thought so.

That's why you need to CLICK or TAP HERE to have perfect concrete.

P.S. Once again be SURE to click or tap the Related Links to save thousands of dollars.

Do You Own a Portable Dehumidifier?

Please peer at the photo just below this line.

Amazon Gift Card

You're looking at a $300 Amazon gift card that might be in your hands in less than two weeks.

ONE PERSON who takes my Portable DeHumidifier survey is going to win this bad boy. The winner also gets a handsome 3x3-inch patch I designed PLUS a secret prize that's MILLIONS of YEARS old!

To QUALIFY, you must own a PORTABLE dehumidifier. Yes, you must OWN and have USED one of these machines.

If you already took the survey two weeks ago, please do NOT take it again. I'll remove your second entry to make it fair for all to win the sweet moola gift card and ancient secret prize.

CLICK or TAP HERE to take the short survey. If you live under a rock, it might be a little problematic getting the gift card to you. We'll work on that should you be the winner. Don't fret about that now.

That's enough for a Sunday morning.

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