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Keep Wet Dry Vacuum Filter Clean

Long Life & Filters

You can extend the life of a high quality wet dry vacuum almost indefinitely if you keep the filter clean and in place when you are picking up dry materials. Dust that gets into the motor or the air impeller is like high speed sandpaper. It simply destroys the motor. Since the motor is the only real moving part, you can see why it is important to protect it.

The best way to protect your vacuum is to always have a new, spare filter on hand. You should also clean the filter after each use. This may not be an extensive cleaning, but one where you get rid of lots of large paper particles or caked on dust. If you own an air compressor, remember to blow air backwards through the filter to clean it. If you blow air through the dirty side, you simply drive fine dust particles deeper into the filter media.


I attended an editor's conference hosted by Emerson Tool Company. They presented to the group a new line of Ridgid wet dry vacuums and some air filtration devices.

The tools and products were first class, but what got my attention was the Ridgid lifetime warranty. A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Well, I have bought and used Ridgid plumbing tools for years, and know that Ridgid is part of a huge, financially sound international corporation.

Wet dry vacuums can take some abuse and it makes sense to purchase one with as strong a warranty as possible. This is purely a common sense issue. Look at features, accessories, the long power cords, and attachments when you buy, but also take a look at who will help you five years from now when you start to smell the ozone from the burning electric motor armature.

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