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Klein Thermal Imager TI 220


klein thermal imager ti 220

Klein Thermal Imager TI 220 | Look how small this is! The black circle is the lens for the sensor.

Klein Thermal Imager TI 220

I tested the new Klein Thermal Imager and it's a real dandy. You plug it into a smartphone and the phone's screen allows you to see the thermal image.

I've tried no less than three others and this one is:

  • easier to use
  • takes fantastic clear infrared photos
  • is extremely compact

This is a tool that you can share with family members so you can discover all sorts of heat loss and heat gain leaks in your home or small business.

Go here to order one now.

Is the App Easy to Use?

You need to download the Klein Thermal Imager TI 220 app from the Google Play store. It's free. Here are two screenshots showing how easy it is to turn on/off the different settings:

klein thermal imager ti 220 settings 1

This is the first thing you see when you cilck Settings on the app. You can scroll down to see more settings.

klein thermal imager ti 220 settings 2

These are the rest of the settings in the app.

What are the Specs for the TI 220?

You can view all the specs for the thermal imager here.

What do the Thermal Images Look Like?

See for yourself:

klein ti 220 photo library

Your photos that you capture each day look like this. Click any one to enlarge it full screen. It's easy to share them via any method on your smartphone.


klein ti 220 thermal imager window AC

I took a photo outside my home of a window AC unit. The sun was shining on it and bouncing the infrared rays from the top of the AC unit to the bottom rail of the window sash. Look at how hot the sash is compared to the other parts of the sash frame. The right side of the sash frame is bright red because the sun is hitting it at almost a 90-degree angle.

klein thermal imager ti 220 lake water temp

I took a photo trying to take the temperature of the Lake Winnisquam water down from my deck. It's ACCURATE at 200 yards away! Amazing. 80.2 F

klein thermal imager truck tire and hood

My Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 was sitting in the sun for about two hours. It was mid-morning. Look how HOT the tire is. It's black rubber and I had not been out driving. That's just heat absorption from the sun's infrared rays!  Look at how HOT the hood is. YEOUUUCH! 150 F

klein thermal imager ti 220


klein thermal imager ti 220

klein thermal imager ti 220

This is the handy little case you get. The imager and the two spare USB connectors fit inside.


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