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Liquid Hardwood Refinishing Products

Liquid Hardwood Refinishing Products

These new products must be good. Why? Because professional floor refinishing companies are using them. They see the advantage of a no dust alternative. What's more, if you don't screen a urethane finish correctly, you end up with very unsightly scratches. Here are two companies for you.

The products are so new there isn't much competition. But don't fear, I predict that within two years you will see no less than four to six different liquid refinishing systems.

BonaKemi USA, Inc.
2550 S. Parker Rd., Suite 600
Aurora, CO 80014

This company makes a full line of professional urethane floor finishes. They have an impressive list of commercial and institutional locations that use their stuff. They have many local dealers who sell their products. If you have Web access, you can see if one is in your area. You may have a problem buying the actual refinishing system from them, but you will have no problem buying their excellent floor maintenance products. These are things you use to make sure your floor finish lasts for a very long time in between refinishing episodes.

The Flectco Company
22 S. Center Street
Hickory, NC 28602

This is a liquid system, Varathane Renewal, you can go out right now and purchase. I went to their website and used their handy store locator and found nine stores around my house that sell it. I urge you to visit their website and do the same.

The kit that I used contained enough product to refinish 225 square feet. Its retail value or suggested price is between $80 and $100.00. I would pay attention to store flyers and ads to see if you can catch it on sale!

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