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March 14, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Just as each year spring brings new life, so too with newsletter subscribers! That’s you! Don’t blush. I know you’re a new subscriber. You get a hearty welcome from me and all my underwater allies.

You, however, might be a subscriber who’s seen one previous newsletter or you may have seen over 1,000 - yes, I’ve produced over 1,000 Ask the Builder newsletters. I love you too and I’m glad you’ve decided to stay on board!

Do you remember the video I did about riding lawn mowers? Recently I’ve been getting comments from teenagers who used to watch it as toddlers.

They LOVED what happened at the end of the video. I remember getting emails years ago from some moms who said I made their kids laugh uncontrollably. Watch it yourself and see if you chortle.

Deluxe Composite Decking Survey

Are you tired of cleaning and sealing your wood deck every two years? Here’s an expensive wood sealer that’s not two years old. Look at it peeling!
deck peeling

Just a week ago, I talked to Ed on the phone about it. He's HAD IT with maintaining a wood deck and asked me a bunch of questions about composite decking because he's planning to switch this year.

Would you like scads of FREE gorgeous inspirational composite deck photos? How about FREE easy-to-follow composite deck installation instructions that can save you thousands of dollars? Yep, I thought you’d like that. Keep reading.

Three weeks ago, I asked you one question about your interest in composite decking. You didn't let me down. The results were fascinating and surprised me! I discovered what you really wanted to know about this wonderful product. My three decks and front porch are composite. Trex Transcend® if you want to know the brand.

Guess what? I now have a second survey that allows you to help create the ultimate and perfect outdoor deck material. Imagine that, the dream composite deck material!

I want to know what your vision is for composite decking. Please do me a HUGE FAVOR and take this quick five-question survey. CLICK or TAP HERE to begin.

Not only will you help yourself, but you're also going to help others with your answers. How? Look at the last question in the survey. Yep, it’s time to dust off your magic wand!

Oh, here’s the BEST PART! If you share with me your name and email address at the end of the survey, you’re going to get TWO stunning PDF files. The first one has dramatic inspirational photographs of dream decks. You’ll glean ideas about how to incorporate some features into your new deck.

The second PDF is one that shows you how easy it is to install a top-quality composite deck. I used these instructions to install my composite decking and it still looks like the day I put it in.

TRUST ME, you really need to see these two PDF files.

CLICK or TAP HERE to begin the simple survey.

Leviton SmartlockPro GFCI

There’s a new GFCI you should know about. It’s much sleeker than traditional ones and it’s easier to install.

 gfci receptacle

I recorded a video you should watch. CLICK or TAP HERE to see it now.

Virginia and Pocket Doors

Virginia is a subscriber to this newsletter. Last Sunday, she took my advice and watched the NEW VIDEO I did about Pocket Door Privacy. Virginia thinks YOU need to watch the video too. She shared this with me:

“I would love to build a lot of pocket doors into my house. I would like to use them for the bathrooms (especially those that are en suite), for the den, the library, and the office. I may even choose to use one for my pantry!”

After watching my Pocket Door Privacy Video, you and Virginia will have all your questions about pocket doors answered.

Free Advice & Bids

Are you in need of FREE ADVICE AND BIDS from LOCAL contractors?

Based on the emails and complaints about WAITING TIME I get from subscribers just like you, NOW IS THE TIME TO START THE BID PROCESS. Contractors are busy and you may end up waiting a long time if you don’t get in line!

CLICK OR TAP HERE to get FREE BIDS from local contractors for ANY PROJECT.

CLICK OR TAP the following links and let me know how quickly you get contacted. I'll bet it's fast.

DECK OR PORCH - Now is the time to get bids!













WINDOW REPLACEMENT - BRRRR, are yours drafty?

Tornado Probability UP

Some meteorologists are predicting this year could be a bad one for tornadoes here in the USA. Do you live in a moderate to high-risk area for tornadoes?

If so, what are you doing now to prepare if one strikes? Have you seen photos of the flattened houses with the owner’s belongings scattered all over the street and in neighbors’ yards? Remember the somber faces of the devastated homeowners in shock? I’m talking about the people you see being interviewed by reporters on your local TV news.

Do you have a go-bag? What about all those things you own that can’t be replaced? What are you doing to PROTECT THEM?

Have you scanned your priceless photos? What about all the papers and drawings you have from your kids’ school days? What about all your other important papers, policies and things that would take weeks to reproduce?

Have you thought about your sentimental jewelry, bibelots, gewgaws, etc. that mean so much to you? Could you grab all these and be out the door in one minute?

This same plan needs to be in place for floods, fires, etc. How many times have you heard that sobbing person on the TV news say, “I lost EVERYTHING…”

You don’t need to lose everything. You can plan ahead, protect these things, and put them in SAFE PLACES when bad weather is forecast.

All you have to do is fire up those tiny gray cells God gave you and engage your critical-thinking skills. Remember just one thing that my daughter Meghan might say: “Excuses are reasons for failure.”

Now you know what to do. For the love of God, STOP making excuses.

When you get things done, you don’t have to offer up excuses.

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too late to discover something new. Take me for example. I’ve never before planted anything from seed and then watched it grow.

But on Saturday morning, March 6th, I planted 36 Rutgers tomato seeds I saved from last fall. I used a very cool little terrarium growing kit.

The directions said it would take a week to see the sprouts and being impatient, I was lifting the lid each day. Just four days in, there was nothing to see.

But on Wednesday morning, I lifted the lid and here’s what I saw. SPROUTS!

HOLY TOMATO - really tomato!

Tim's home grown tomato

Look below at what happened just 48 hours later. This photo was taken at 6:40 am on Friday morning. I’ll be harvesting delicious Rutgers tomatoes the size of baseballs by next week at this rate! 🙂
tomato 48 hours later Tim grown

That’s enough for a Sunday.

Be SURE to take the short composite-deck survey. You MIGHT be CREDITED with the next NEW INNOVATIVE product or change!

It’s possible NO ONE has thought of the idea you have bumping around in your tiny gray cells. TAKE THE SURVEY NOW, Please.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
BEST Organic Cleaner - www.StainSolver.com
Activating Parks AGN - www.W3ATB.com - NEW STORIES!

P.S. Be honest. Do you really know how plumbing vents work? I’m willing to bet you have it all backward. CLICK or TAP HERE and let me know if you discovered something NEW.


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